The History Of April Fools Day [Video]

I don’t think I have to tell anyone that yesterday was April Fools Day. I mean, if you “missed” it, that alone must have been a joke you fell for. We saw it on pretty much every single website yesterday (however, I don’t think we did anything elaborate… or did we?) and major news outputs headlined the most ridiculous things that you must have spotted, right? There is a whole lot of questioning that goes on every time an April Fools Day is over and done with. People obviously want to know if they fell for jokes that they didn’t even recognize at the time they were pulled on them. So naturally people are walking around asking their friends and family what those could have been.

It so happens that there are a lot of people out there who don’t really know where or when April Fools Day started and why. Even though I knew some of the facts behind it, I can’t say that I knew the whole story of how it all started. That’s nothing to be ashamed of really. I bet 95% of the people who are reading this right now asked themselves that very question, and they silently answer it with an affirmative, meaning they definitely don’t know how it all started, right?

Never worry, YouTuber JeremiahJW actually did some research on the whole thing, and he put together a really nice little video about how it all started. This might give us a clue why we are the victims of foolery on an annual basis. I guess no matter how you look at it, we definitely need a bit of fun in our lives since we are constantly bombarded with bad news and reports from all around the world. It’s not so bad to get a “picker upper” every once in a while to make us enjoy the things that are still good in the world. So, smile and let the pranks be a reminder that today isn’t such a bad day after all.


Via: [Geekosystem]