10 Quick Pranks Anyone Can Pull On Their Friends

As you know, and as no one has probably missed, it’s the 1st of April tomorrow and we all know what that means, right? It’s the day that we all make fun of the gullible people in the world, which of course means ourselves. Through the years, we have all grown a little bit more resistant to jokes on April’s Fools Day, so coming up with some great pranks to pull on people isn’t exactly easy. There have of course been some really elaborate and good ones pulled on pretty much the entire world. However, to plan one that makes perfect sense yet is a total ploy definitely takes some imagination. So what should you really do? What is a joke and what is not? I mean, you can end up in some serious trouble if you miss that target completely.

In a humble attempt to try and help you guys out a little bit, I have tried to find some sort of quick way to share some rather funny, yet not completely known (at least not to everyone), pranks that might be useful tomorrow. It’s a set of 10 small, yet quite effective, pranks that you can pull on pretty much anyone. They come in the form of an educational video, but it is quite fast paced so you might brace yourself and keep your eyes and ears peeled.

The pranks and the video are put together by Prankology, and it’s a two and a half minute long video that goes through everything from prepping a water bottle to leak like a sifter to the ultimate McDonald’s prank using a ketchup package, a straw and a chug of coke. They all have one thing in common, and that is that they are sure to make an impact on your unsuspecting victims tomorrow. Just be prepared for retaliation though since some of these things are quite sinister and will cause a few rather unpleasant reactions when the victim finally falls for them. So, happy pranking and remember, a prank is always going to be turned around on you. It’s a good rule of thumb.


Via: [Pleated-Jeans]