The Rainbow Cocktail Shots: Can You Explain It?

Ordering a nice drink can be quite a task if you do not know what you want. I mean, checking through long lists of drinks doesn’t really look impressive and ordering a White Russian or a GT isn’t exactly the most intellectual choice you can make at the bar. Beer isn’t always the best choice either, yet still we all get one every once in a while when we don’t really care about the “intellectual” rating of the whole thing. So, what about something more designer oriented? Is there such a drink?

Well, I guess you could call the “Rainbow Cocktail Shots” a perfect fit for a geek designer. It comes as a 9 glass series of shots, but that’s not the neat part of it all. Each glass actually gets its own unique color when it’s poured into the glasses. And, it’s done from the same pitcher, so go figure how that happens.

Some have tried to explain it that it’s After Effects, some other people suggest a whole lot of ingredients that don’t really mix. I would go for the latter, but it’s so clean cut and so awesome that I really don’t know how to explain it. It’s definitely a cool party trick and as can be heard on the clip, the ladies get impressed. How can we mortals learn this ultimate skill to impress with? Does anyone have an explanation or even a tutorial hidden somewhere? If so, feel free to enlighten us geeks about your skills in that case.