Things That Are More Important Than Money

We seem to have a deep-seated sense of not being whole, a lack of completeness within us that we are constantly trying to fill – with an inherent, direct or indirect, conscious or subconscious craving, wanting and needing for anything and everything in the compulsive pursuit of wholeness. We strive for possession, money, success, power, recognition or relationships to help us feel better about ourselves, to feel more content and complete.

However, we soon find out that the extent of our believed wholeness is in fact bottomless, that we have deluded ourselves to feel complete when, in fact, we are empty – and we always will be, if we continue to identify our contentedness, our riches with external things like; social status, the work we do, knowledge and education, our physical appearance or relationships.

We all have had dreams of playing the Lotto or winning that Powerball and spending the rest our lives in the lap of lavish luxury. Where all our physical needs and desires are met, and our every material wish fulfilled. But this wish, of a life filled with material things, is not one that is the answer to guaranteed happiness, or a life of fulfillment. Granted money can make your life easier but life’s real riches lie in the things that are unseen; “that’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry and dream” – unknown.

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Things More Important Than Money

These are the things that we can take with us wherever we go, without effort or planning, the memories, the brief moments in time when we sneak a glimpse into the eternal realm. We carry these ‘peak experiences’ with us in the depths of our beings, people and moments which have imprinted on our souls. These are the things that really matter, the things that bring fulfillment, the things that are more important than money.

We need to relinquish this idea that tangible things are going to make us happy, our identity cannot be found in these things, real wealth is never measured in money or material possessions. Don’t let these possessions in life entangle your conception of happiness – ‘enough’ isn’t defined by a particular number on a bank statement or piece of paper. We need to remember that life is so much better than we ever expected, or we ever deserved. Money shouldn’t be the goal of all our ambitions.

Below is a list of all the best blessing life has to offer, the things that make a rich man rich, and the best part is that if we look close enough it is clear that we are in fact all rich – each and every one of us.

With these blessing under or belts, with each one woven into the fabric of our being, we are no longer always seeking for something to attach ourselves with in order to uphold our illusion of happiness.


Life is a rollercoaster of feelings, of different experiences and a wave of emotions that send you both up and down. There are many obstacles some we are aware lie ahead of us and others which are hidden along the way. We all have goals and getting closer to achieving those goals amidst the inevitable twists and turns is what life is all about. Hope allows us to approach these ‘twist and turns’, these problems with a strategic mindset, with a newfound perspective, one that creates new chances, and new possibilities of achieving our goals.

It is the single candle that gives light for us to continue to find our way out of darkness. Hope creates endurance and strength in a person, hope is the innate human quality that allows us to move forward, to dream and strive for better. We have everything even if all we have is hope.


Seem simple enough, but it’s so easy to forget the mere fact that we are living that we have a conscious existence. This in itself is a miracle, we breathe roughly around 21,00 time in a day, yet how many breaths are we appreciative of? How many are we actually aware of. Life is innately joyful filled with a conscious energy that we will only ever experience here and now. In this moment that we are in now. It transcends the past, the present and even the future it is without a doubt our greatest blessing – one that no amount of money could ever buy.

Physical Health

Humans were made to move, it is an important part of living to stretch not only our minds but our bodies too. To shake things up, to dance and to jump – to be active in our lifestyles. Health cannot be bought, but it can be helped by the choices we make. Making better choices in protecting our physical health for nothing will be able to bring it back once it’s gone – not even all the money in the world. Practicing proper hygiene, regular exercise, healthy eating, and less sedentary activities will allow us to really enjoy the lives we were given to its fullest extent.


Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.”  – Tom Thiss

Having a life’s purpose isn’t some hocus pocus thing that only gurus and yogis have or look for – everyone has a life’s purpose, a specific, personalized life message you wish to drive in the world throughout the duration of your stay.

A spiritual calling, an innate human calling, a personal journey that each person has –  whatever you wish to call it – discovering purpose can change our lives in a way that no material possession ever could. Asking ourselves these questions like what is my purpose? Do I have a purpose? Is there something greater than we can all comprehend guiding me? Digging into these questions and our personal quest for a purpose can bring about an incredible sense of calm, of contentment as you feel you are fulfilling


Growing is an important facet to life that we cannot prevent or resists. We are all blessed with countless opportunities to grow and improve who we are and what we know. This is not about education but rather about our personal and spiritual development, in which we are able to tweak our behavior, our understanding and even our beliefs. This gift of growth cost us nothing but it without a doubt improves your perspective of not only the world and those who live in it but yourself too.


We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

They don’t call it the gift of giving for nothing. For helping someone who is less fortunate than us has the ability to provide us with a great deal of personal elation and satisfaction. It is a feeling that cannot be replaced with any material possession and is one that lingers with you long after your act of kindness. Good Karama has a tremendous value, use it and feel the impact that you make on someone else’s life –  on you.


This is a gift that we, as humans often take for granted. In fact, it’s a gift that some of us don’t really utilize at all. Having the ability to share our inner world with others is one of the greatest most profound feelings our world has to offer. To recognize similarity and differences, to share and connect through our thoughts, experiences and emotions of our innermost self feels is invaluable. Be grateful for the millions of ways in which you are able to share our ideas with the people we love and be thankful that this is something that can’t be achieved through material possessions.


The ability to survive and maybe even thrive without money means that ‘having it’ becomes significantly less important. Money comes, and money goes so relying on money as a source of happiness isn’t a good idea because it’s fickle.


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee

Passion is a precious gift, one that’s adds colour and light into our lives. Being passionate about something or find out what is we are passionate about is so rewarding. Not only does it add colour and vibrations to our lives, but it gives us a sense of purpose and allows us to overcome obstacles and push us to work harder. Passion precedes happiness, whether you win or lose, whether you succeed or not, when you are doing what you are passionate about than you are always happy.

Mental Health

Just like physical health is important to our happiness – so is mental health. The value of a balanced mental health is significantly more value than anything money can buy you. Being able to address the issue, share and relate our problems with loved ones, and learn to express our emotions in a healthy way is vital to achieving happiness.


Friendships don’t revolve around the things you have or the activities you can afford – friendship is so much more than that. Accepting another person despite their faults and flaws continually life-affirming. Regular companionship and camaraderie of people who care about you wholly and intimately are utterly life-changing. It is both challenging and fulfilling and makes you strive to better yourself and your environment.

Adventure – Experience

Throw caution to the wind and face your fears, climb that mountain, kiss that person – dance in the rain. Whatever it is to experience it. Those butterflies that tickle your stomach or that rush you get when you are doing something you love, something you’ve always wanted to do is what being a human is all about and most of the time it has little to no financial cost involved.


Time is so valuable, in fact, it’s priceless because every moment we have is a once in a lifetime moment, a brief moment which we can never get back, no matter how hard we try or how much money we have. We should live each moment to the full, appreciating the miracle of each moment and the time that we so graciously get given. Don’t waste a second – live them all because you can never get them back.


Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks

If you have ever been in love before you will know that no amount of money, no car or house or promise could ever match this magical, all-encompassing feeling of contentment and happiness that comes from being loved and loving that person in return.

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