Top 10 Worst Places To Lose Your Smartphone

I’ve noticed that there are pretty much two categories of people. There are those who are always on time for everything, they never lose anything and they somehow seem completely organized all the time. My mother falls into this category. Then there is another group of people who are usually running a little late for everything, they are constantly losing things, and they are scatterbrains who are always going a million different directions. I fall into the second category.

As a matter of fact, I used to lose my smartphone all the time. I remember a while back when I would celebrate if I could go a whole three months without losing my phone. Ever since I bought my iPhone 4, I haven’t lost it, which is a miracle really. Maybe I’m growing up and finally becoming responsible. Opps… Those would be my mother’s words, not mine.

This infographic below by Lookout, an Android smartphone protection company, illustrates not only the top cities in the Unites States for losing our smartphones (or having them stolen) but also the ten worst places to lose our smartphones. I’ve ruined about two or three smartphones from dropping them in the bathtub while I was tweeting. I’ve also lost them in restaurants and dropped a couple in the swimming pool. I’ve never lost one in the back of a taxi, but I had a bad dream one night that I did, does that count? Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever lost your smartphone?

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Worst Places To Lose iPhone

Via: [Fast Company] Header Image Credit: [Gotta Be Mobile]