The Transformation Of Dating Over The Years

Ever wondered how your parents and grandparents dated? You have seen their black and white couple photos in albums but never really cared what it was really like to date back then or if dating existed at all!

Fast forward to 2019 – you are hooked up on your smartphone chatting with the one you love, and your grandparents ask what is it like to date on social media? There’s the cultural shock that shakes the evergreen concept of dating.

Every era has had some form of dating and couples of each think their style is the best. Your grandparents will say they longed to get a letter from their lover, wait to meet after months, and there was hardly any making out after a couple of dates. On the other hand, you will argue that you got no time to wait for letters when you can text “hello, let’s meet” and get an instant reply.

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There’s no denying that dating has transformed over the years. Traditional courtship has transitioned to online dating, longing for letters has changed to text chats, but what remains constant is the love between two souls.

Let’s delve into the fascinating transformation of dating over the years.

Traditional Courtship vs. Dating

Traditional courtship had a specific set of rituals and rules, and there seemed to be no other choice for lovers but to stick to these time-tested traditions. Dating in the 21st century, however, has evolved immeasurably. It is less structured, and you have more freedom than what traditional courtship offered decades ago.

Courtship was an essential part of a prosperous society. It was as if there was a restriction where one woman could date only one man. But as dating grew in popularity, relationships became more personal. They became less restricted.

The purpose of dating has had a paradigm shift. Nowadays, the focus is to spend quality time with each other and not necessarily find a marriage partner. Couples, who feel they are comfortable with each other, later go on to get married.

Technology And Dating

With the advent of the internet and matchmaking services, dating took a different turn altogether. Smartphone has also played its part in modern dating. In 2019, you will almost find everyone glued to their mobile phones. Dating online has become the norm, something embraced both by the young and old generation.

For many, the suspense involved in online dating proves irresistible. You don’t know the person you are going to meet on dating apps or sites like LoveSita, making things all the more exciting. That’s the suspense this generation is fond of. If you compare it with the anxiety of getting a letter, you will never be able to bring the dating styles in one plate.

The concept of dating may have changed over the years. But what you should keep in mind is that unconditional love will always remain. A few years down the line, you might see people dating AI robots designed as humans. But if a genuine relationship grows where love is the common factor, then whatever the dating form may be, whatever the rule books say about traditional or modern dating, love will prevail.

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