Traveling For Holidays During COVID-19

We’ve always lived our winters to the fullest. Global festivals, holidays, and sales mark the beginning of these few months of countless joy. We have families coming in from all over the world to spend their new year’s eve in Abu Dhabi.

We have customers availing some envious shopping benefits. We have people of all sorts filling the final days of the ending year with happiness and excitement. And we are glad to be a part of their memories. We value the nostalgic feeling that lingers around at the end of the year and wants to make sure you get the best winter vibes wherever you go, whatever you do.

However, this year wasn’t normal. This year most likely doesn’t have a normal ending, either. The Coronavirus emerged around this time last year in Wuhan, China. And it’s been nearly a year since we have fought to contain the spread. The entire year passed in lockdown and curfews and uncertain revivals of our normal life as many had predicted.

We’re heading for a second lockdown in many parts of the world. It’s useful to know what precautions you need to incorporate in your holiday planning with the holidays right around the corner.

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Lockdowns On New Year’s Eve And Christmas

Though UAE isn’t headed for a lockdown right now, the end of the year won’t be the exact same as the previous years. For one, we might not even feel in the right spirits after suffering the loss of lives and loved ones to the virus all year round. Moreover, the second wave of the virus that’s gradually spreading across the world is bound to reach the region sooner or later.

Even if the UAE is vigilant in its healthcare, it doesn’t mean our neighboring regions are practicing the same. As a result, our New Year Activities may be either banned or severely restricted.

As of now, private parties in offices, schools, and colleges aren’t allowed due to the possible risk of the virus. You cannot have any sort of gathering in big or small spaces.

How Will Things Be Different This Year?

The very fabric of our life has been severely affected this year. When you go out for dinner, a movie, or a shopping spree, you’ll see how incredibly different things are from last year.

Starting with the citizen’s security, it’s everyone’s responsibility to safeguard their own health this year. Malls, markets, cinemas, and restaurants are already following the required SOPs, but there might be some limitations on the timings and the number of people allowed at a certain time.

This means that there won’t be any large crowds crammed in tiny spaces. This also means that you might have to work on your holiday plans to keep things simple and safe for your wellbeing.

Another impact that the virus has made is on the global financial and economic conditions. Many have lost, some have retained, and few have been able to secure their livelihood.

When you go out to buy a new dress or get some medicines, you’ll notice two things: expensive stuff on the racks and tons of new startups everywhere. UAE, too, had to lose several international employees because there was basically no business these last few months.

Potential unemployment and inflation are a nightmare for many. However, some of us are privileged and lucky enough to help others out. This year, when you go out for buying holiday supplies and presents, two things can make a difference:

First, shop with your Cashback Credit Card. You’ll get discounts on everything from dairy to fuel to makeup to books, and so forth. We know the prices are soaring sky-high, and you could definitely use some help.

Second, try to buy from small vendors and fresh startups. These people need your assistance in order to grow their business. As a community, together, we can make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Travel Possibilities And Risks

International travel is still jammed in many parts of the world. Flights have resumed up to some extent, and we understand you’re keen to use your Airmiles, but there might be some serious risks involved. If you’re planning to travel abroad, make sure the destinations are declared safe for travel.

The European countries are witnessing a rise in their COVID-19 cases, and so is the US. However, airport protocols are strict and foolproof, so you don’t need to fear catching the disease if you’re in a safe environment. Wherever you go, make sure you follow in-flight safety procedures and quarantine yourself whenever suitable to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

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