Trendy Work of Art for Your Kitchen

When decorating your home, make sure that the kitchen is not taken for granted.  I love cooking and preparing food for my kids when I can and I think the kitchen is one place that also needs attention.  Was browsing through Trendir Magazine and saw this cool article and thought to share it with you our BitRebels’ readers.

For all things kitchen, culinary and cuisine related, Coolors is full of amazing kitchen decorating ideas, based on their collection of must-have colored kitchen appliances that no modern home can do without. Specializing in colored refrigerators, household furnishings, panels and customizations for the interior, take a cue from Coolors and you’ll soon be the envy of all your friends. No longer is the refrigerator a utilitarian, uninteresting fixture. With Coolors’ silk screening process, the fridge becomes a unique work of art, featuring images and colors to suit your individual sense of style. Converting your favorite vacation photo into a work of art by one of their masters, you now can ornament your appliances and take them from drab to fab. And you’re bound only by your imagination – choose a coordinating color for the range hood, or a complementary pattern to finish your panels, resulting in a unified and original look. For more kitchen decorating ideas and to check out these cool, colored kitchen appliances, visit Coolors.