The Types of Standing Desk You Must Own

It is difficult to choose a standing desk if you don’t know what types of desks are available. So, let us have a look at the main desk categories, we mean standing desks, of course, and check what desks are the best for the applications you want.

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Manual Desks

This standing desk type includes the cheapest options. Thus, you can choose one if a height-adjustable desk is needed, indeed, but the budget is too scarce. Well, we still would say that it is better to save some money or even build a desk on your own rather than ordering a cheap manual standing desk because:

  • The movement range of such desks is limited, the height might not be adjusted to the needed level.
  • They are not comfortable, you will spend a lot of time and effort changing your desk every time from a standing to a sitting position and vice versa.
  • The weight capacity is low that limits you to some devices only.

Electric Height-Adjustable Desks

Electric desks are fully automated. You can manage them remotely with a desk control which is usually included in the desk set. They are:

  • Comfortable in use: you change from a sitting into a standing position with a single button push.
  • The height adjustment range is sufficient to work comfortably doesn’t matter how short or tall you are.
  • The weight capacity of most electric desks is sufficient to handle any office equipment.

Such desks are the only viable option for a modern interior. However, even they have some cons if you don’t choose such an item properly. The thing is that cheaper options are equipped with one motor only. It shall handle the entire weight of the desk and everything that you have installed on it. As a result, the motor might generate strong and not quite pleasant noises. More expensive desks are equipped with a motor on each leg. So, these motors don’t generate so much noise and provide the desk with a smoother movement ability.

Desk Converters

If you love your traditional desk and don’t want to change or remake it, but still, you would like to enjoy all the benefits a standing desk offers, try a desk converter.

A desk converter is installed on the top of your desk. When you want to work in a sitting position, use your desk. When you want to move to a standing position, move to work at a desk converter.

The converter just sits on your desk. The item can be adjusted to any height for your comfort. Some converters are adjusted to the needed height with a level. The most advanced items use a special weighed counterbalance system. Such converters are easier to adjust and provide a smoother experience.

A Portable Standing Desk

Some office workers need to move around constantly while working. If you are in such a position, you can choose a portable standing desk. It is built especially so that you can move it around without any effort.

If you prefer a fully functional desk, you can use a normal standing desk, just fix special lockable wheels to its legs. With them, you will be able to move your desk around easily, and if you need to work in one place, just lock the wheels to get the feeling of a normal desk.

Bottom Line

A height-adjustable desk is a must for those who work at a computer every day. It has so many benefits that arguing with it doesn’t have any sense. Now, you can find many options for any needs and budget. Check them now, and choose the one you need most.

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