Ultimate Guide To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome [Infographic]

It has long been known that staring at your computer screen for a long periods of time isn’t exactly the healthiest of endeavors to undertake. However, there are of course ways to prevent long term damage that you might experience if you find yourself hard at work trying to finalize your work and hit a deadline. It’s not too uncommon to get blurry vision, watery eyes or even dry eyes if you sit too long in front of the screen. It’s a health state called CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome, and it is basically when your eyes start telling you that they have had enough of the focusing and the glaring at the screen.

There are of course many ways to prevent this kind of health hazard. As a matter of fact, there is an infographic that will take you straight through the steps that will keep you from straining your eyes as well as keep them healthy and safe. I think we all know and have experienced the moments when our eyes or heads have started to tell us that maybe it’s time to take a short break to make sure you don’t completely mess up your schedule (and your vision altogether).

It’s created by Mezzmer and is a perfect little sheet to print out and put in your workspace to make sure you are always aware that staying too long in front of the computer is anything but healthy. So, just have a look at what you can do to prevent CVS from taking hold of your eyes and ultimately destroying any plans you might have to make a long term career as a computer engineer, programmer or designer. We all need to take care for our health in every possible way.


Via: [Daily Infographic]