Always Sport The Perfect Excuse With This Excuse Creator

Everyone busts out an excuse every once in a while. I have done it, my fellow co-workers do it and there is no doubt that you have done it as well. Unfortunately, honesty is a rare thing in this world. Back in the day, way before I had taken my first steps, people seemed to honor honesty a whole lot more than they do now. It’s both sad and worrying in a way. But the fact still remains that we all use excuses to save our behinds. So why not have some fun compiling the perfect excuse?

Some people have perfected this skill to the point where they are able to dodge scrubbing their own pride even the slightest. For others, the thought of having to produce the perfect excuse is an endeavor they dread and usually try to stay away from. It doesn’t really matter which one of these people you are, you have and always will come up with excuses for some things that you have either neglected or forgotten to do. It’s human to fail every once in a while. People who say they don’t, or people who can’t admit it, are most likely the ones who do it the most.

So how do you go about compiling the perfect excuse? It doesn’t really have to be that hard – especially if you consult one of the most hilarious and epic excuse creators available on the Internet. It is simply called the The Excuse Creator, and it’s presented by Mandatory.

By simply picking one line in each of the three columns, you will be able to compile an epic and completely prefect excuse for each and every occasion. The question is of course whether it’s better to lie or hang onto the truth to make your personality shine brighter than people who constantly try to avoid the truth. That choice is not included in this perfect excuse creator, and the answer depends on your personality and ability to stand for what you have done or not done. But don’t fret, there are moments when an excuse is better than the truth. The hard part is figuring out when those moments are.

Mandatory’s Perfect Excuse Creator

The Perfect Excuse Creator Infographic