We Are All Connected And Have Kindred Spirits!

Losing a loved one is very hard physically and emotionally. It can really make you wonder, “What now?” So many questions can fill your mind like, “Why is this happening to me?,” “Why me?,” “What do I do now?”

I am the type of person who sits quietly and thinks, not wanting to talk at all. I rarely seek help. However, something inside me on the fateful day of June 15 just wanted to scream and yell for help. I am not very good at expressing my feelings through talking, since I know I would just cry and no one would understand how I feel. So right then and there, I just sat in front of my computer and wrote a note on FaceBook. Never in my life did I expect an out pour of such love and encouragement from others in response to that note.

Some people wrote me notes back, others wrote me long letters, a lot texted, wonderful friends on FaceBook sent me comments and Twitter friends sent me DMs. The theme of all the messages was the same, that I was not alone and that people care. People can reach out to you no matter how far or near they are. Some told me that they could only offer prayers and words, but please let me tell you, words can be the most powerful and the best gesture you can give someone who is down and hurting. Reaching out is one of the best ways to show someone you care enough to stop what you are doing and say a prayer and share your thoughts and love to a hurting heart. It just goes to show that we all are connected and have kindred spirits. It doesn’t matter if we are worlds apart or related by blood. If we have a genuine heart that cares, it is all we need.

So thank you to everyone who has given their time and their love in these darkest moments of my life. Special thanks to Diana and to @myniffie who stayed up with me day and night. To my office mates and dear dear friends @leahbeasajimenez, @vimags21, @piaroxas, @robangeles and @minervity. To all my Twitter and FaceBook friends as well as our beloved Bit Rebels readers who never got tired of me writing and sharing. I truly appreciate all your love. And, of course, thanks to my family who loves me dearly! I love each and every one of you!

Main Image Source – Kindred Spirit by Im_a_little bit Country

Image Source – Kindred Spirits by уllka

Image Source – Comfort of A Cat by AzRedHeadedBrat

Image Source – Near the End of an Eventful Day