How Will Wearable Tech Improve Your Home Gym Workout?


In this article, we look at how wearable tech will support and improve your home gym workout. We briefly discuss what wearable tech is and how we can use wearable tech to optimise our workouts at home.

More and more of us have invested in fitness equipment at home. Some of this was motivated by the global pandemic and our sudden need to be healthy. This was clearly one of the more positive outcomes.


Firstly, What Is Wearable Tech?

Wearable tech is anything that provides data and information from our person. Everyday wearable tech includes fitness watches, mobile phones, and other exercise trackers. This continues to change as new emerging technologies hit the market all the time.

Although there are many brands in the market, core wearable tech is generally considered to be fitness watches such as Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin.

Why Is Wearable Tech Useful In Your Home Gym?

It is helpful in your home gym environment for the same reasons as when you work out in a commercial gym or as a cyclist or runner. The data provided gives us live feedback on the condition of our physical health.

This data means our heart rate, heart rhythm, energy levels, and stress, making wearable tech useful for home gym users as it allows them to monitor their effort levels. So why is this important?

Well, it will enable the user to understand their limits and continue to improve on them or helps them choose the right day and time to train.

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Examples of high and low activity on a garmin tracker.

Wearable Tech In Your Home Gym, How It Can Help

Home gym equipment, with the exception of running and rowing machines, is typically more low-tech. Using wearable technologies can help us track our workout sessions, so you will not miss leg day!

By understanding our bodies’ limits more clearly, we can work out more effectively, planning rest days or changes in activity. While judging how you’re feeling, your levels of energy and effort.

A smartwatch is also providing an additional data level that allows us a more robust judgement understanding of ourselves, allowing us to commit to increased activity levels based on our individual data rather than anyone else’s expectations – Which should also be safer.

Wearable Tech Helps

  • Give you a motivation boost.
  • Keeps you focused on your health.
  • Provides data on your stress and body battery levels.
  • Ensure that you do not miss a session unless it is necessary.
  • Helps you better understand your body.

The Unforeseen Benefits Of Fitness Trackers

  • Can highlight problems, such as high or low heart rate (example above).
  • Will alert your spouse or contact person should something happen to you.
  • Can help you manage other conditions like diabetes and arthritis.
  • Encourages movement and exercise, which improves health and mobility.
  • Take your complex data and visualise it to help with visual interpretation.

Home Gym Training

Wearable tech and mobile phones have become the modern notepad and exercise planner. Smartwatches encourage activity, tracking the user and encouraging ongoing improvement, more steps, rides, and cardio.

In addition, mobile phones allow for gym training apps which can more effectively support development, especially in the home gym environment where you have no personal trainer.

According to Mirafit, one of the largest home gym equipment suppliers, many of their equipment customers are using wearable tech to improve their health and performance incrementally and choosing the correct times to train, thanks to insights provided by fitness trackers.

Choosing the right time to train is as important as it is allowing your body to recover. We discuss this at length on our blog. Fitness watches are helping our customers to better understand their bodies and what works for them. This is important in the home gym environment as you are self-regulating. Tracking your progress is essential to see improvement, and it’s also critical to keeping your motivation high.” – Adam Bishop, Strongman


We have explained several reasons why wearable tech is vital for personal training in your home gym. We provided insights into where a fitness tracker can help. We have also discussed the secondary benefits of motivation and encouragement.

We then explained that using a high-tech smart device can add a level of technology to traditional gym equipment, which provides essential data to support your fitness. Finally, we heard from a spokesperson at Mirafit, one of this sector’s largest home gym equipment suppliers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose wearable technology, such as a watch or phone, to track your progress, either would be suggested to keep you laser-focused on your individual training plan, training goals and incremental gains. Wearable tech can take your home gym workout to the next level.

It provides you with real-time and retrospective data, valuable for visualising change, improvement and regression. Seeing what works for you at a particular time can give you insight into your personal development that you may otherwise be guessing.

For example, if you were able to lift your best sets on Wednesday, you could see what you did Monday, how this impacts the training and reflect on your energy levels after Tuesday night’s pasta binge.

We hope that this article has allowed you to pause and consider how wearable technologies can help you with your fitness training.

 wearable tech improve home gym workout?


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