What Do Bodybuilders Eat In A Day?

If you are considering getting into bodybuilding, you should know that nutrition plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of your otherwise positive plan. The issue of diet consistency and understanding nutritional requirements is a seemingly daunting task to many people but the consumption of macronutrients can do the trick. Read on to learn crucial information about what bodybuilders should eat in a day.

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Foods To Eat

When you are interested in bodybuilding, you should know that nutrition is a key factor since a lot of energy is consumed during the process. Calories and macronutrients are the two nutritional factors that can determine the rate of fat loss and muscle growth. Therefore, you should select the right foods, and additional calories are also vital if the aim is to build muscles. However, a calorie deficit is one way to go if you aim to lose fat. You should prioritize the following foods in your diet.

Lean Meats

Proteins are the most vital nutrients required for different bodybuilding phases that include muscle gain and fat loss. Lean meats offer significant proteins that help promote the growth of muscles and muscle maintenance. Bodybuilders should add chicken, pork loin, salmon, turkey, and lean beef to their diet to achieve their desired goals of muscle building.


Bodybuilders should include whole grains like millet, oats, granola, and brown rice in their diet since they provide the body with energy. Grains also offer the basic micro-nutrients that are vital for muscle growth and maintenance. When you include carbohydrates in your diet, you must ensure that the intake requirements do not exceed the amount of energy that you will burn during your workout.


Dairy products boast of high protein content like lean meat, so you should try to include them in your diet. A bodybuilder should consume products like cheese, yogurt, and milk to boost protein. Dairy products also help improve your overall health which is good for bodybuilding. It might be challenging to embark on workouts when you have other underlying conditions. Therefore, you must focus on consuming a diet that helps you maintain good health while you develop your muscles.

Fruit & Vegetables

Fitness trainers and bodybuilders should eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables to ensure that they get sufficient minerals and vitamins. These two components are essential for enhancing growth and recovery, and they are just as appropriate for bodybuilders. Workouts, as the name suggests, drain a lot of energy, and they also cause pain in the muscles. To stay fit, you will need to consume a lot of minerals and vitamins to promote recovery.

Nuts & Legumes

Nuts and legumes consist of healthy fats, micro-nutrients, and proteins that all contribute to muscular development and the improvement of general health. You need to monitor your intake and portion sizes and always try to avoid being obsessive about your food as this can affect your overall health.


If you are into heavy workouts, you must drink a lot of water to help you stay hydrated as you lose a lot of fluids through sweat when training. Hydration helps to improve the flow of blood and oxygen to different organs of the body to ensure normal functionality during your training session. You must drink at least 13 or more glasses of water per day to make sure that your body receives sufficient oxygen and nutrients that are distributed via blood.


A bodybuilder should include supplements in their diet since they help reduce the intake of certain foods in large quantities. Muscle development is not all about consuming large quantities of food to gain weight. A workout is primarily concerned with promoting muscle buildup. Therefore, supplements are perfect for bodybuilding since they make it easier for bodybuilders to get the necessary nutrients for building muscles. When taken together with a balanced diet, supplements can enhance training.

There are different supplements that you can consider for bodybuilding since they contain vital nutrients for muscle development. Glutamine is an essential supplement that is used as fuel in the skeletal muscles when you train, and it is found in food with high protein content.

Protein powders, multivitamins, and testosterone enhancers can go a long way in boosting the growth and development of your muscles. Caffeine supplements are equally beneficial for fat loss and muscle building, and they also help increase the intensity of your workout. Excessive fat in the body is not great for your overall health.

Foods To Avoid

You also need to know the foods that can impact muscular growth that you should avoid. Bodybuilding aims to improve aesthetics, and certain foods can interfere with muscle growth and development. They can also affect your overall health. You should try to limit the intake of the following foods if you want to achieve your training goals.

Processed Foods

Processed foods have low nutritional value but high calories, and they can negatively affect bodybuilding progress. You should avoid foods like pizza, processed meats, white pasta, white bread, baked goods, and ice cream, among others. Deep-fried and fried foods should not constitute your daily diet if you are exercising. Although alcohol is not a food, it inhibits muscular growth, so you should try to drink in moderation or quit altogether.


Bodybuilders should plan their meals, and they should create weekly menus. With a proper plan for your diet, it becomes easy to maintain the intake of different nutrients at the desired levels. All the same, try to keep things simple and avoid complicating your life. While variety is good, avoid a situation where you include certain things that you may not access consistently.
Essentially, exercising primarily aims at developing muscles to increase energy as well as to improve aesthetics.

The success or failure of your endeavor to improve your muscle mass depends on the quality of the diet you eat every day. To achieve your goals, you can consider foods like lean meats, dairy products, grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables as well as nuts and legumes. Supplements are also effective since they are designed to enhance muscle growth and development. Following our simple guide is going to help you create lean muscle, and feel better in the process.

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