What Do You Do After A Boat Accident?

It is no surprise that hundreds of boating accidents can happen annually, occurring across the coasts. These kinds of accidents are nothing to brush off either, resulting in injuries and damages that could affect a person for life. When there is not any immediate danger, there is still a danger from an accident’s effects that still may require medical attention.

It is important that you act quickly and concisely when involved in a boating accident. The faster you react, the better situated you are to handle the effects of an accident. One crucial step is understanding what to do after a boating accident.

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Get To Safety

When a boat is in an accident, then the impact may end up causing everyone onboard to slip, fall, or even fall overboard. If in the water, then it becomes essential to get back to the boat. Unless, of course, if the boat is unstable or sinking then stay away from it. A sinking ship creates a small whirlpool that can drag the water around it in and creates a serious danger of drowning. Once safely aboard, be on the lookout for any others who may have been thrown into the water and provide assistance where you can.

Remember, do not attempt to jump into the water after them unless certified or trained to do so. Attempting to rescue a drowning victim can end up placing both the rescuer and victim in danger., Instead, a flotation device, rescue tube, or even a long plore should be extended out to help the victim stay afloat.

Medical Needs

The absolute first thing you should do after an accident is to attend to any medical needs that need addressing. A boat accident can be serious and the injuries that result should be attended to immediately. First, a quick assessment should be made where everyone involved is looked over for injuries.

If anyone is injured, medical assistance should be requested immediately. For less serious injuries that may not require immediate attention, it is still important to seek medical attention later. Symptoms do not necessarily have to show up right after an accident. They can appear days after the accident and by then their effects may have worsened. The sooner a doctor is spoken too the better.

Contact The Proper Authorities

After everyone is safely accounted for on a boat and any injuries handled, the boat should be moved out of the way of any incoming traffic and the authorities contacted. The coast guard is the go to authorities for boat accidents and they will need to know about the location of a boat and any injuries. The boat and anyone involved will need to stay in the area until the coast guard arrives and from there full cooperation with their investigation should be given.

Boat Accident – Legal Action

After things are settled, it then becomes important to make sure to have any and all legal bases covered. Information should be exchanged between involved parties so that it becomes easier to get in contact if a claim needs to be filed. The same goes for any witnesses since their testimony may become helpful later.

It does not hurt to photograph the scene and document any evidence that may be brought up later. After that, be sure to get in contact with a boating accident lawyer. They will help you plan your next steps, legally speaking, and help you with any injury claims you may have.

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