What’s Best – Canned Foods, Frozen Foods Or MREs?

We all need food for survival, but there are different variables to consider. In disaster cases, you need to prepare through survival tactics such as stockpiling medical kits and clean water. The process may also involve securing your home.

However, one of the most important things you need to do in such a case is storing preserved food that will serve you for the longest time possible.

You need to store food that will provide enough supplies since you don’t know when to find help. That means you need to store those that will last long without power to run a refrigerator or a freezer. If you think to include ingredients like cornmeal, flour, sugars, or beans, change that to at least something ready to eat.

Having meals ready to eat is the best option, and you have several options to consider. Meals ready to eat (MREs), canned food, or frozen foods are types of food choices that you can make to treat yourself throughout your work time or at home.

All these foodstuffs have been used in the past to address issues that require swift interventions such as conflicts, displacements, and outbreaks.

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What Is Canned Food?

Canning is a food preservation method that packs it in air-tight containers. The method was developed in the 18th century to preserve food mostly for sailors and service members at war. Although the process varies across products, it follows three processes, namely: Processing, sealing, and heating.

By following the process, it is considered shelf-stable and safe for consumption even after three years. The most commonly canned foods include soups, vegetables, seafood, fruits, and meats. The process has been shown to preserve most of the nutrients for that long, although water-soluble nutrients like vitamins can be damaged easily since they are sensitive to heat which is part of the canning process.

What Is Frozen Food?

Freezing helps preserve food from when it is prepared to the time it is consumed.

The method has been used for a long time and was used by fishermen and farmers to preserve grains, especially during winter. Freezing food slows down decomposition by turning the moisture into ice and inhibiting bacterial growth.

The entire process is known as Lyophilization and plays a significant role in dehydrating the food eliminating more than 99% of the moisture. Although the process protects it from bacterial infection, it takes time to freeze food and may also affect its taste, affecting your appetite and experience.

What Are MREs?

Meals ready to Eat are a type of food ration packaged with the necessary nutrients and are ready for consumption right from the pouch. These meals are produced and packaged with the right nutrients and can last for more than five years, maintaining the taste, appearance, and nutrients.

Initially, the meals were developed to replace canned food on the battlefields in the 70s. However, modern MREs have additional features that serve the service members on the battlefields and the civilians since they contain rare nutrients that are hard to make at home.

Why Is MRE Canada The Best Option?

If you are confused about which type of food to go for, you should try out the modern forms of MREs that have come with improved nutrients and taste. Frozen and canned foods have to undergo processes that alter their forms and end up changing the appearance and taste of your meals.

In the 21st century, you have the MREs option that saves you from consuming bad food that crushes your appetite. Unlike frozen or canned meat MRE Canada is the best option for the following reasons.

Ease of Use- MREs do not undergo all these processes that take much of your time for consumption. All you need to do is visit your nearest convenience store and choose the best MRE for you.

From there, be ready to consume your meal at any time, and as shown on the package, the meal should have a shelf life of more than five years.

You only need to tear up the pouch and get down to business. The best thing about MRE consumption is that they come with accessories such as spoons and beverages to make the feeding experience even better.

Flavor and Nutrition- MREs have evolved to incorporate advanced technology in their production and preservation techniques. As a result, there have been notable improvements, such as incorporating nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids that taste fresh even after five years.

The pouch cover is made stronger to prevent contact with moisture, and oxygen which are considered agents of contamination and expiry. Modern MREs are produced because consumers enjoy the food for their taste and nutrients. Therefore, MRE Canada producers would not compromise on the two aspects not to lose consumers.

DIY Options- By now, you understand that MRE stands for meals ready to eat, meaning no effort is required from you other than the consumption itself. Unlike the canned, frozen food that requires additional processes to restore the original tastes, MREs do not need procedures to consume.

The only thing you might need to do is open up the beverage case and place your towel, all of which come with the MRE package. Also, they come with lightweight packages that make them easy to carry in your bag or car and can handle with minimal effort.

MREs have come to replace all the traditional canned and frozen foods that people have been relying on for decades. MREs are considered an advanced form of these meals since they are more beneficial and provide an avenue for future improvements due to their incorporation of science and advanced technology.

Therefore, if you were unsure of the best option, you should go for the meals ready to eat and discover the healthy world of nutrition, delicacy, and simplicity.

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