Why Sconces Are A Great Design Idea In 2021

To change the looks and atmosphere of your home, consider buying sconces. From this article, you can draw inspiration on how to use this source of lighting.

When you want to change something about the interior or exterior of your house, consider sconces. This is one of the most affordable and efficient ways of modifying the decor of your home. By changing the lighting in a premise, you can create a completely new atmosphere there. Thanks to the sconces, there will be a stunning contrast between light and shades in the room. In this article, you will find smart ideas on how to use sconces to make your house or apartment look cozier.

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Why Do People Love Sconces

This type of lighting is versatile. It easily fits both indoor and outdoor spaces. It makes bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms and libraries look cozy. In a stairwell, entryway or hallway the sconces can be the only source of light. If you put them on your patio or porch, they will add character to the property. In a study, bathroom or kitchen they will become an opportune additional source of light.

Not all sconces need to be hardwired. Some models can be simply plugged in. This sort of lighting is easy to install and adjust. It is compatible with diverse types of bulbs and it can be dimmable. You can hang it either horizontally or vertically.

Professional designers single out three types of indoor lighting: overhead, task, and accent. The sconces belong to the two latter categories. If you hang them above an armchair, you will be able to read or knit comfortably. If there is a painting on the wall, you can place a sconce above it or on either side of it — and it will light the picture.

How To Choose The Sconces

Apart from contemporary or modern sconces, consumers can choose from an ample range of styles: classic, country cottage, farmhouse, glam, industrial, nautical, old world, rustic, shabby chic, traditional, and vintage. This type of lighting never goes out of fashion and it blends well with various decorating schemes.

When selecting the sconces, mind that they should look nice even when turned off. Their shape, color and materials should match other elements of decor, such as doorknobs or mirror frames. Typically, you will be able to choose from the following varieties of shades.

  • Bell
  • Bowl
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Empire
  • Drum
  • Globe
  • Half drum
  • Jar
  • Open-box
  • Openwork metal

Besides, there are sconces that have no shades at all.

The mounting plate is normally made of metal or wood. Their mount can be horizontal, vertical, reversible, flush or with arms. Some sconces have bulbs while others need candles (in most cases, flameless). If your sconces have no shades or transparent shades, consider buying decorative bulbs for them to create sparkling highlights.

If you need task lighting, opt for downlight sconces that you can direct at different angles. Frosted shades and uplights are optimal for ambient lighting.

Tips On How To Position The Sconces

For task or accent illumination, there are no strict rules. Feel free to place them wherever you find convenient, relying on your own aesthetic taste. To avoid glare from exposed bulbs, you should hang sconces approximately on your eye level — that is, 5.5 to 6 feet above the floor.

To light-high traffic areas, such as stairways or corridors, buy ADA-compliant sconces. They will not block walkways because they extend no more than 4 inches from the wall.

Those who need ambient lighting should spread the sconces evenly around the premise. The distance between every two items should be from 8 to 10 feet.

When hanging a bedside wall sconce, leave no more than a foot from the edges of the bed. The lighting should be placed around 6-12 inches above your shoulder when sitting up against the headboard or 30-36 inches above the top of the mattress.

If the room is small and its ceiling is low, hang multiple uplight sconces in a horizontal line on the wall. This will add more air to the premise.

A Few Practical Examples Of Where You Can Hang The Sconces

When you look for sconces design ideas on the Internet, you will most likely come across the following suggestions.

  • To illuminate your garage door, entryway or sidewalk, purchase wet-rated outdoor sconces.
  • If you have a large window, French door or a fireplace in your living room, hang a pair of sconces on either side of any of these focal points. The additional light will accentuate the beauty of these decorative elements and will add character to the room.
  • In a dining room, hand a chandelier in the center of the ceiling and pair wall lights above a buffet. Layered illumination will look solemn and romantic.
  • Normally, it is not enough to have just overhead lighting in your bathroom, dressing room or other premises with large mirrors on the walls. Sconces on either side of a mirror or vanity would soften the light that comes from the ceiling. Also, they will eliminate shadows.
  • If there is an ornate or dramatic standing tub in your bathroom, hang pairing sconces on either side of it.
  • Fans of late-night reading in a modern bed should place downward-pointing sconces with solid shades above their nightstands. A classical bed might require a more vintage type of lighting which would create a less focused pool of light.

Sconces take very little place, so they will fit even the most compact apartment. Unlike a desktop lamp, they will not take up a single inch of your table’s surface. Unlike a torchiere, they will not eat up the precious leg space by your sofa. In a large room, they will fill in empty spaces and add balance to the premise.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to sconces, you can dramatically transform your home interior and exterior. This type of lighting creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. When switched off, it will become a nice decorative addition to the room. Sconces are affordable, easy to mount, and available in a large variety of styles. They will perfectly complement the overhead lighting and accentuate the unique character of the premise.

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