Why Solotica Contact Lenses Are So Natural?

Solotica colored contact lenses have been named the most natural color contact lenses in the world. But what makes them so natural in comparison to other brands? We’ve listed the reasons why you can expect to experience incredible natural coverage while using this brand so that no one will know you’re wearing colored contact lenses.

Transform your natural eye seamlessly into striking shades of green, blue, grey, and hazel. With such an array of collections and color choices, you will be spoiled for choice.

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Color Opacity

One of the most important components in colored contacts is their ability to fully cover your natural eye color. Through pioneering technology and a rigorous testing process, Solotica ensures that all their lenses can cover even the darkest eyes. Whether you’re looking for a bright blue such as Hidrocor Safira, or a rich hazel such as Natural Colors Avela, Solotica lenses will completely transform your natural eye color. The different collections vary with color choices and use of limbal ring however the color opacity is never compromised.

Contact Lens Technology

Whilst achieving incredible color opacity, Solotica never compromises on contact lens technology. Perfect fit and crisp vision are always a focal point. Whether you require prescription or non-prescription, Solotica offers a range to suit your specific eye. They even offer colored toric lenses for astigmatism which are custom-made in an array of natural tones from the bestselling collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors.

The level of comfort from the lens helps add to the natural finish. Their experience in this field also means you can buy a range of colored lenses in different replacement cycles. Whether you’re a newbie to colored contact lenses and want to try dailies, or monthlies through to if you’re a seasoned colored contact lens wearer and are looking for quarterly or yearly replacement schedules – Solotica has you covered!

Unfortunately, the growing popularity of colored contact lenses across the world has led to many cheap, discounted brands selling lenses that can be extremely damaging for your eye health and definitely won’t give you the natural finish an established brand would. It’s always important to consult with your eye doctor first before experimenting with any contact lenses and that you are using a reputable brand. It’s also important you understand how to use color contact lenses safely before experimenting.

Use Of Limbal Ring

The limbal ring refers to the outer circle of the iris. Limbal rings in general give a bolder look, depending on how defined it is. Some Solotica collections make use of the limbal ring but do so in a much more refined and subtle way than other brands on the market.

Hidrocor and Hidrocor Rio collections offer the most natural finish as it doesn’t feature a limbal ring so the color shade is the same to the outer corner of the iris. Natural Colors offers a slight limbal ring which gives a slightly bolder look whilst also enhancing the natural finesse from the Hidrocor collection and is also available as a yearly disposable lens. For a bolder look, you can opt for Solotica’s Solfex Natural Colors collection which features the most defined limbal ring of all the collections.

Color Choice

Through a rigorous testing process, Solotica work to replicate incredible colors with desirable eye colors in each and every collection. Each collection offers a range of color choices so you can find your desired look, with your desired color. Many of the colors you’ll find featured throughout Solotica take inspiration from the vibrant colors of Brazil so you can expect to find beautiful ocean blues and gorgeous jungle greens. New colors are also released a couple of times a year so you can always expect to find more choice with this brand.


Solotica have been producing contact lenses since 1949 meaning they have decades of experience in producing not only stunning colors, but also the understanding of what makes a good, and comfortable contact lens. Their dedication to the industry means they have constantly bought in new options in both design and improved materials to help make their lenses the best they possibly can be. Due to the quality of products produced, Solotica have obtained the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE certificate for their colored contact lenses.

These reasons all come together to define why Solotica colored contact lenses are so natural. If you join this with 24/7 customer service and global express shipping, there is no reason to look anywhere else for your colored contact lens needs. Experiment with your eye color safely and easily with this leading brand.

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