Why You Should Vacation In Texas

Between the recent economic strains and the high fuel prices, the idea of a vacation is starting to change. Gone are the days of jet-setting across the country or purchasing tickets for a cruise, so buckle up for the latest road trip you need to try! You may not think of it, but taking a well-planned road trip is an incredible thing. You can visit historical landmarks, experience different seasons, appreciate local cultures, and so much more all within a single state.

That’s right, not the entire country, but one single, lone star state, Texas. The size of Texas should be enough to convince anyone of its vacation potential. Multiple European countries could fit within its borders, and the variety of landscapes keeps it interesting. It’s a place where you can pass Pearland roofing and the Sri Meenakshi Temple in the same city and still be less than an hour from the beach. Here’s a list of stops to plan along your Texas road trip.

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Take In A Rodeo

Finding a rodeo in Texas is a relatively easy thing to do. Most rural towns host an event each weekend but there are a handful of serious competitions each year throughout the state as well. The World Champions Rodeo Alliance holds a yearly competition in Amarillo.  You can see traditional rodeo skills showcased like team pinning, bronc riding, and stray gathering. If you’re hurting for some bull riding, check out the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo each year in Houston. It’s got carnivals, concerts, and some of the best rodeo skills you’ll ever see.

Visit The Alamo

If you want a little slower paced event, a visit to an historical site is just the thing. Visits to the Alamo are guided and interactive. They feature trained professionals for docent-led tours and great activities for family members of all ages.

Go River Tubing

River tubing is also a fan favorite for the more relaxed vacation crowd. Rivers from the San Marcos to the South Llano offer beautiful views of lush landscape and the perfect lazy speed for a relaxing ride. You can pack a cooler and wet bag to make an entire day of it.

Boardwalk & Horseride On A Beach

When you think boardwalk you probably think California or New Jersey, but one trip to Galveston and you add another destination to the list. You can shop souvenirs while you take in the classic carnival vibes and listen to the waves crash against the pier. Off in the distance you might be able to catch a glimpse of equestrian enthusiasts riding along the beach. It’s all possible in Galveston.

Just because fuel is high and flights are expensive doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your local vacation. Staying within the statelines of Texas has so much to offer. Plan your trip today.

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