Words Under The Skin Tattoo Is Horrifically Cool

Tattoos can be a creative way to put permanent “accessories” on your body. 10-15 years ago, people looked at people with tattoos and thought the person was some kind of gangster or biker that could go mad on your butt in a matter of seconds. Today people have changed their perception of tattoos, and the people who have them. It’s become a household word, and a lot of people get tattoos to cherish, honor or salute the changes in their lives. Some people like small cute tattoos, while others like the “sweater” tattoo look which almost covers their entire upper body in tattoos. There are all kinds of different approaches, and they all have pretty much been accepted by society as a whole.

When do tattoos become creepy, scary or just plain icky to look at? I wrote an article a long time ago about the Chest Buster tattoo that a guy got, and a lot of people went ballistic over it. It was very creepy, and of all the possible tattoos you could choose, that would be the last one on my list, but that’s just me. So what about a harmless Words Under The Skin tattoo? Would that freak you out?

This tattoo is a little bit less gory, but to me, it is equally as freaky. It’s a pretty interesting concept though I must admit, but with skin tearing and all, it’s not really what I would do. Maybe the words written in the tattoo are what will make it less creepy. What do you think? Would you go for a tattoo like this? What would you put in the text? Sure, it looks creepy alright, but you have to admit that it is pretty darn creative, right? (Tattoo created by Anatckiy)

Words Under The Skin Tattoo

Via: [UFunk – French]