Workaholics: Your All-Nighter Survival Guide [Chart]

When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter? I know some people who do their best work during sleepless long nights, and I know other people who dread those nights more than anything. The nature of my work requires that I pull all-nighters several times each month. My sleep schedule is so wacky though that it doesn’t bother me too much. I suppose our bodies are designed to adjust to that just like they adjust to everything else.

The thing about working all night long is that it’s not good enough to just barely stay awake. It’s important to be productive too, otherwise what’s the point, right? I have learned a few tricks along the way that help me stay awake and going strong through the night when I have to.

For example, I’m normally a huge coffee drinker, but I don’t drink it when I plan to work all night. It doesn’t have the same effect on my body during that time, and it usually just makes me feel icky. Another thing that I do is play music loudly and open the windows. Breathing in fresh air always makes me feel awake and alive. Yumi Sakugawa created this nifty little chart with her tips for pulling an all-nighter. She’s got some good stuff on here. I’m going to try doing some jumping jacks and drinking ice water next time. Those sound like they would work well. What are your tips for staying awake and being productive while pulling an all-nighter?

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Tips For Working All Night

Via: [WonderHowTo]