Worldometers: World Statistics Updated In Real Time!

To my co-workers annoyance sometimes, I am an incurable statistics fanatic. Everything I do is presented in statistics in order for my brain to be able to understand the success or failure of it. It’s a way for me to measure if I did something the right or the wrong way. I always keep logs of statistics close at hand, and especially Diana knows that I am constantly looking at them. You might wonder why the statistics are so important to me, and honestly, I have no other way of working my brain cells. It’s just how it all goes down under the hood I think. That’s exactly why I got beyond excited when I found this website which I now have as my primary link on my bookmarking bar.

The site is called Worldometers, and it delivers real time statistics about pretty much everything you want to know about the world. Watch Current Population, Military Expenditures, Blog Posts Published Daily, Water Consumed and TONS of other statistics. There are more than 65 different statistics presented, and they will give you a whole different perspective of the world and how we live in it. It also gives you a second to understand the importance of the small things we can do to help it.

What caught my eye and what I can’t seem to put to rest is the insane number of deaths of children under 5 this year. My heart just stops when I think about it, and how unfair it is. If there was anything I could do to stop that, I would, and I think anyone would. The question is, why don’t we? You can’t save the world in one day but even saving one child at a time is reason enough for me, for all of us, to do everything we can.

I am sure this website will become a go-to source for many articles to come, not only for the Bit Rebels writers, but also for all the other websites out there that want up to date and real time statistics about the world. Brilliant!