Zombie Hoodie: Blend Right Into An Undead World

Not too long ago, every movie company in the world created a movie about zombies, the undead and what have you. Movie after movie was set in a large city with no one around but zombies looking for the flesh of the still living. I am sure they made their share of profits cause people seemingly went by the boatloads to check them out, no matter what they were about. The most popular must have been “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith. I am sure all of us are silently asking ourselves what we would do if one day the undead started walking the earth. Run would come to mind, but I am sure the second answer would be a texture of different approaches.

However, being a geek, there really is only one way to prevent being eaten alive by zombies, and that’s to follow the advice of ThinkGeek. They have recently made available the Zombie Attack Hoodie. Buying this rather sick and cool hoodie for a life savings of $59.95 will make you blend right in when the going gets tough. And, if you happen to be at the McDonald’s at the time of the attack, then just grab a few packages of ketchup and there won’t be any question you’ll be one of the gang.

I am not sure I would put all my trust into this “slip in and blend in” kind of approach, but hey, you only live once right? Oh wait, in this case one and a half… if you get eaten that is. So maybe becoming a zombie isn’t that bad after all. You get to “live” longer than any living person. I guess my last words would be the same said by the people at ThinkGeek “It was nice knowing you…”