This Is What Happens In Social Media In A Day In 2013 [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens during one day on social media and how profound it really is? It seems a lot of people do since there are all kinds of statistics published on the Internet these days. Not only is it interesting information, but it can be used to optimize online marketing and other sales-related endeavors. In order to know what happens in social media in a day, we need to have a look at each social networking service and collect all the metrics.

We can of course start looking through the Internet for such information, but it is going to take quite some time to do so. Why not consult a fresh infographic instead? It’s one that has all the statistics and metrics that we are looking for in one place. When it comes to statistics, I am probably one of the few people who just can’t stop looking at them. I am addicted to statistics, and anyone who knows me can vouch for that.

The infographic is called Social Media In A Day, and it is presented by Saxum. It contains statistics and metrics from 10 different popular social networking services. They are presented in a way that will make it easy to grab the statistics that we all need and want to see. When I first looked at this infographic, I was flabbergasted to see the insanity that is going on online within social media in a day. For example, did you know that on Facebook alone there are 2.7 billion (yes, billion) likes each day? It’s insane how much Facebook is hogging our time, don’t you think?

Just sifting through the different social networking services and looking at their statistics is enough for me to decide never to leave social media behind. What goes on within social media in only one day is more than what will ever be present in the real world, if you know what I mean. If it wasn’t for social media news, content and other worldwide activities, the world would probably come to a halt, and we would be swung back into our past where we didn’t even know if someone got our greetings in the first place. If this is what happens in social media in a day, what can we expect to see in a decade or so? Only the future will tell, but one thing is for sure, social media has never been more alive than it is today.

Saxum’s Ultimate Statistics Of Social Media In A Day

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