25 Stupid Facts About Social Media!

Social Media has been a buzz word for so long now, and we are always intrigued by the facts and figures shown us. Just recently I found out that the Philippines is number one in terms of video consumption in the world. Whoa!! That means we upload, watch, share and create more videos than any other country. I browsed around to see which videos are being watched and produced and there are so many to watch!  I believe that sharing is important in social media, but you must always have the best content.

While going through the videos, I found something that caught my attention because it was really hilarious. Some people really go out of their way to produce videos that you can’t help but watch.  Here are 25 stupid facts about social media, and believe me, I found it to be so ridiculous it made me laugh. It’s the funny things in life that make it all worthwhile. We enjoy watching videos because we know we either learn from them or we simply get entertained.  I hope you enjoy it too!