4 Myths You Need To Know About Promotion On Instagram

Social networks have their own life cycles and peaks of popularity. For the last year, the attention of bloggers, SMM, and their customers turned to Instagram, Which from the application to share photos, and for many and does “unknown little animals” suddenly turned into a popular blog platform. Not having an account on Instagram was somehow indecorous. Perhaps you have friends or acquaintances who have recently quickly collected a lot of followers on their page in Instagram and their number continues to grow very quickly. You ask how? They gained fast popularity with an Instagram bot. So what is a bot for? Thanks to the Instagram Bot you will be able to:

  1. Automatically subscribe to the pages of other users
  2. Automatically like pages of other users
  3. Automatic mailing is available in the comments of the selected audience

Thus, a real person going to such a page and seeing a large number of subscribers and interested in what he attracted people, be sure to view it and subscribe. And I can assure you, doing this business can get a good income. Also, you can save the most precious resource-it’s your time.

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In April, we conducted a survey on my Instagram account that my subscribers are annoying in the behavior of users of this social network. The results were surprising because some of the answers contradict what SMM-specialists taught just the other day. And if people are annoying, they unsubscribe.

So let’s dispel the myths about” working tools that don’t work anymore and think about possible alternatives. It does not matter what the purpose of the account is communication and expansion of ties, building a personal brand, selling goods or services directly through the account or attracting additional traffic to the site, the triggers of subscriber dissatisfaction are the same.

Myth 1 – SFS, Likes, And Giveaways Work Great To Increase The Number Of Subscribers

SFS-Shout Out for Shout Out, exchange of mentions in accounts. Giveaway raffle gift for a repost with a reference account.
As a matter of fact: This is a hotbed of stimuli. Users are enraged by the mechanics of SFS and the behavior of those who conduct them. You don’t have to do that.

Mask the desire to attract new subscribers with phrases like “to get acquainted with readers”. Do not hold readers for fools, false feel immediately and if this is silent in the comments, it does not mean that they managed to cheat.

Make a collage of 4-9 photos with caption tap follow or “click and enjoy”. It upsets both the participant and the reader when the blogger who started SFS didn’t bother to give a written justification that in these profiles good and why to make additional movements convolutions and fingers that in them to pass.

To arrange the circular giveaway, SPS and longtime when you need to sign up for multiple profiles and to note in comments 2-3 friends.
Conduct lotteries with the promise of questionable gifts for advertising a profile like a standard card.

Alternative way: Mutual advertising with bloggers broadcasting to the same target audience. To overcome the fear of speaking to people directly, try to start with those who have less audience than you. Tell a sincere story about the relationship with the account owner, even if they are limited only by virtual space, and ask him to do the same.

Think of your mechanics of disseminating information on your profile: arrange marathons, joint projects, and offer himself as the author of the popular the public. Yes, it takes more time and effort, but it looks organic and works. An interesting case “how I tried to become an Instagram star” was published in early February by the Village.

Myth 2 – Account Visual Uniformity Is The Key To Success

Instagram bloggers love the word “atmosphere”, this means the unity of the color palette, object, shape, color, plot. Beginners are offered to process the photo with the same filter.

As a matter of fact: “Sleek” accounts, where the whole gallery in the same style and without much semantic load annoying. Users vote for “live” photos and the element of surprise when viewing the feed.

When beginners hear from SMM-experts advice “to process a photo with the same filter”, they seriously choose one of THE free filters and apply to all photos indiscriminately. It turns out complete garbage. Professional photographers keep a color palette in their head and filter it based on the characteristics of the object and the shooting conditions.

An alternative way is to Communicate with famous photographers or at least view their portfolio. You will find that individuality and brand awareness develop over time and manifest themselves not only in a single color palette but in the unobtrusive man in the street details.

After six months of photography classes under the guidance of an experienced teacher, I found that my handwriting is an architectural composition of photos, symmetry, clear axes and horizon lines. If you have a commercial account and are hiring a photographer, ask them to come up with a visual concept for your company.

Myth 3 – On Instagram, Picture And Signature Plays A Supporting Role And A Long Text No One Reads

How to actually: the Text in Instagram at the moment is no less important than the photo. Even the infuriating your photo are perceived more positively if they are accompanied by a signature with meaning. And spelling, stylistic or punctuation errors, the use of catchphrases and far-fetched questions to provoke a semblance of discussion will spoil the impression of even the most highly artistic photo.

Alternative way: Improve your copywriting skills or hire a specialist. If a beautiful photo has an inspiring signature, the effect will please you. If photos leave much to be desired, the text will save a post.

Myth 4 – We Need To Post Often – This Can Not Be Underestimated

How to actually: Users do not want to see more than 3 posts per day from a single account. They are irritated by meaningless posts like a standard Cup of coffee and wishes of a good morning/day/Friday/weekend. Enrage download pictures for “stirring up” of content.

An alternative way: the number of subscriptions is growing, users do not have time to read all the posts and periodically delete profiles of dubious information value. In order not to” fly “from the feed of subscribers, adhere to the principle of “better less and better.”

Fasting per day is enough, and if you say one day there is nothing, then keep silent and then make up for the really outstanding content. Let the users themselves afraid to miss something interesting from you.

Instagram Promotion – Conclusion

Any publicized marketing ploy it is an open secret. It worked only for those who discovered it and for his first followers. Most likely, by the time you found it, the action was over. Include the head, put yourself in the place of the subscriber, come up with your solutions, test them and draw conclusions. Good luck!

Author Bio: Deborah Ford is a creative blogger, author of the million teen fashion magazine with the annual wheel.

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