42 Fresh Facts About Twitter & Facebook [Infographic]

The infographics business has really taken off in the past year or so. We see new agencies spring up pretty much every day, and the infographics get more and more intricate and inspiring. Some people argue that we’re starting to oversaturate the blogging world with infographics, and I can agree to some extent.

However, they serve a purpose, and as long as that’s the case, there will always be infographics floating around. There are, of course, really bad ones that somehow get into the viral stream just because they are infographics, but it’s when the statistics and the information delivered are truly fresh and new that this way of presenting data is most efficient.

Here, on Bit Rebels, we are (to put it in the truest context), suckers for infographics if they do their job correctly. We have published countless infographics, and we’re not about to stop anytime soon. The ones that always seem to work are the ones about the social networking giants Facebook and Twitter. Those always spawn the most interest, and it’s somewhat fallen on our lot to stay true to our own channels of success, which are, as you guessed it, Facebook and Twitter. Well, some find success when they buy twitter likes.

Tech King is one of our favorite infographic creators, and today we have yet another one that I am sure will peak your interest. It’s 42 fresh and new facts about Facebook and Twitter that are presented in a truly simple and straight forward manner. Graphical data is hard to present in reality, but Tech King shows us that they are exceedingly professional in creating light reading out of heavy data. Well done guys, keep them coming!

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42 Fresh Twitter Facebook Facts42 Fresh Twitter Facebook Facts42 Fresh Twitter Facebook Facts