5 Reasons To Get On Google Plus

The latest buzz lately is all around Google Plus. I was very fortunate to be one of the first ones to get a beta invite, and it was quite easy to setup. If you have been active on the different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you will most likely find it easy to use. I’ve come across a lot of posts with people comparing the different social media sites. Many are sharing that they prefer Google Plus over Twitter and Facebook.

One of the beautiful things about today’s social media sphere is that people can now dictate which networks to use, instead of the other way around. Many people have been lumping the most popular social networks together, but I believe each one of them has its own advantages and functions that are unique. I am still learning about the many features of Google Plus, but I wanted to share with people who have not gotten on there yet 5 reasons why they might want to consider it.

1. You can hang out with friends Hang Out is one of my favorite features. If you like to video chat with your friends and discuss things all at the same time, you will like Hang Out.  You can even watch YouTube videos together. I believe this is a great function for businesses since people can hold forums, meetings and collaborations.

2. You can add people in circles – On Twitter, you have lists, on Google Plus, you have circles. Here you have a choice to place people in different circles so you will be able to independently choose which stream you want to look at. This allows you to manage your account efficiently, especially if you have many people adding you to their respective circles.

3. You can + posts you like – Similarly to Facebook’s likes or Twitter’s retweets, on Google Plus, if you want to give props to a post you particularly like, you can just click the + button. 

4. You can huddle with friends in your circle – I recently added the Google Plus app on my iPhone, and alas I had several huddle requests from people who are in my circles. A huddle is a private group chat where you can discuss anything by topic or just find out what is happening among your friends privately. 

5. You can have another social media outlet when Twitter goes down –  Of course, I saved the best for last. When Twitter goes down, you will now have another venue to share and get information. If you are as active on Twitter as the majority of people I know, you will really appreciate having a way to connect with friends and share everyday. Now even if we see the fail whale, we won’t be worried at all.

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