5 Tools To Help You Bookmark Websites You Like

More and more people are now reading blogs and visiting websites. The reasons vary of course, some do it for information and learning, while others like to share what they find on Twitter or FaceBook. Remember back to the times when you needed to have a bookmark when reading books? We use them so that whenever we need to stop, we can just go back to where we left off later. You can do that also when you surf the Internet.

Often times we get so engrossed with our online reading and browsing. When something comes up that needs to be done, like answering the phone or going back to work, we can just bookmark that page so we can easily go back. One other use for bookmarking sites is that bookmarking makes it easy to share sites with your friends. I have made a list of tools below that I hope can help you. If you have other tools that you use and that you feel can help us and our readers, please feel free to share them here by leaving a comment.

1. Getwapps – Organize your favorite web content (web sites, applications, blogs, etc…) in visual quick lists and access them with a single click.

2. LinCut – LinCut is a one button bookmark saving service with no registration required. It’s available any time, any place for free with unlimited space for your bookmarks. LinCut is user friendly with a customizable interface. It supports the five most popular browsers and have some useful options like: account protection by PIN, mark favorite links, edit any part of bookmark (url, title, comment) when saving it.

3. Favo – Favo uses the very familiar inbox concept for all incoming favorites. Your surfing experience does not get interrupted by dialogs that ask you to pause and organize the content you are collecting. Favorites are collected from your browser and from your friends’ recommendations.

4. Delicious – This is my favorite site since it allows you to bookmark and share with friends as well.

5. Marro.ws: Mark It – Marro.ws is web-clipping tool which works like cutting the newspaper into parts. You can save your valuable contents in Marrow.ws’s unlimited box and can easily access it from everywhere in these formats: PDF, TXT, HTML

Main Image Source – Bookmark Leaf