5 Traits You Will Find Common To Almost All Twitter Addicts

Twitter is a social networking platform that has people online 24/7. Even while you sleep, people will continue to communicate and share. There are those who say that people on the social site are there because they have nothing better to do in their lives offline, but I beg to disagree. Maybe the detractors simply do not get Twitter or have not really realized that we can now tweet beyond our desks. It is just that we love to share and engage with people that we have come to know. We enjoy their company, wherever we may be.

I have come to know a lot of interesting people who I now call friends, and to some extent I call family. You might say, “Wth is this person talking about?” Well just like in our everyday life, when we meet people and we speak with them constantly, you tend to build meaningful relationships with those people. The only difference here is that even if we have not yet seen each other in real life, we have connected with a bond that is quite unique. You should really get to know who you follow, and always make sure you engage people in your stream when you can.

One thing I’ve noticed about the people I follow and those following me is that there are 5 positive traits common to almost all Twitter addicts:

1. They love to read and share – Tweeps read and share a lot. I know when I see something useful, I write about it and tweet about it. Who knows, that piece of information might be very useful to others!

2. They constantly look out for people – When someone has not been tweeting as much as they usually do, you will see people asking about that particular person, whether via the stream or DM, to try to make sure that person is alright.

3. They make their opinions known – We all have a mind that thinks on our own, and we all have our views on certain matters that interest us. If it is a service that makes claims beyond what it can deliver, you will see people tweeting about it. I believe that it is a positive trait, to be able to get out of our shells and speak out.

4. They share a love for beauty, inspiration and laughter – Twitter is a great big world where artists, designers, poets, writers, bankers, comics, engineers, scientists, etc… come together and share. It is a platform where, in one tweet, you can get a vast amount of information and inspiration.

5. They are giving – I am so lucky and grateful that I have followed and have become close with the most giving and unselfish people from all over the world.  I do not think I would have had the chance to meet these amazing people if not for my involvement on Twitter. They are people who share my links, they are people who give recommendations, and they are people who share words of encouragement when you need it most.

If you know of other traits common to Twitter users, we would love to hear from you, our wonderful readers.

Main Image Source – Pride of Madeira

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