5 Types Of Annoying Facebook Users

I don’t write as many articles about Facebook as Richard and Misty do. It’s not that I don’t like Facebook, but I was a Twitterholic long before I ever got on Facebook, and to me, there is simply no comparison. I hang out on Twitter all day long, but I only log into Facebook about once a week. Now that I’m learning more about Empire Avenue and having fun over there, I’m afraid Facebook might slip even further down my priority list.

Do you notice when you are unfriended on Facebook? I don’t. To me, it’s like being unfollowed on Twitter. I don’t notice when someone does it. It just doesn’t make my radar; however, I know a lot of people really take it personally when someone cuts the Facebook ties. Based on an article I wrote last fall entitled, Why Do We Unfriend On Facebook?, the number one reason people unfriend each other is because of too many useless updates.

With more people than ever before entering the Facebook world, it opens the door for witty designers and illustrators to poke fun at some of the Facebook stereotypes. Richard wrote about a very funny music video tribute to those stereotypes, and today, I’m sharing with you a little web comic about them. The dude or dudette (he or she won’t share his or her name) over at Endless Origami created this goofy little chart that shows the different types of annoying Facebook users. Have you been unfriended a lot lately? Do you care about the reason why? If so, are you one of these people? Hmm…

Annoying Facebook Unfriend Habits

Via: [Buzzfeed] Header Image Credit: [SMSEO]