7 Ways to set up your Auto Tweets

One of the most talked about controversies on Twitter. Some use it to spam while some use it to tweet while they are offline to get some sleep. Some use it just to…auto tweet. Even though it’s highly effective in normal dozes it can be quite an energy drain for your followers. However, it is a legit endeavour if you stick to the rules and regulations set up by Twitter. After all, their regulations are set up to make sure we don’t get over-spammed with stuff and if you stick to them you should be fine. But for some setting up a few auto tweets can be quite an obstacle and to choose the right software or service can be the difference between losing or winning your followers trust.

Every service has their own learning curve and the skills you need to set them up varies a lot. Therefore I have gone ahead and created a list of ways to set up your auto tweets depending on what you are after. If you know of another service or script that might help set up your auto tweets please don’t hesitate to letting us know in the comment area in this post.

7 Ways To Set Up Your Auto Tweets

1. Hootsuite

The primery source and utility for auto tweets and by far the most used one on Twitter. It is not only for auto tweeting. It also has features like Personalized Tabs, Personalized Columns, Multiple Twitter Accounts, Team Work Flow, Embedded Columns, Track Statistics, Create Groups, Feed Your RSS etc.

2. Twitter Feed

A simple to use and an effective solution for auto tweeting to Twitter and Facebook from your RSS feed. It doesn’t have as many bling features as Hootsuite but has a few really powerful and user friendly ones that will be more than enough. You simply set up your RSS feed to either send tweets or to update your Facebook status. Twitter Feed also have statistics which will enable you to track your success rate.

3. Tweet Spinner

This online service provides quite a lot of fancy and interesting features. Its main feature is to help you clean up your Twitter Inbox from spam. But, it also allows you to schedule your tweets (auto-tweet) and also rotate your profile background picture to keep it fresh and up to date. I haven’t tried this one yet but its features are quite interesting.

4. Social Oomph

Or Tweet Later as it was named before is quite an interesting application if you’re looking for really sophisticated features to serve you and your followers. It provides a free and a professional service with a few extra features if you’re choosing the professional paid solution. I definite try out if you want to get some strong features.

5. Feedburner

Yeah, you read it right. Feedburner now provides a nice way of auto tweeting your newest blog posts by just entering your Twitter account information into the “Feedburner Socialize” tab on your Feedburner account. It doesn’t provide you with a lot of fancy features but it sure is a powerful way of making sure your blog posts gets tweeted in time.

6. Pretty Link

One of the most used WordPress plug-ins to enable you to auto tweet your blog posts when you publish them. The real problem with auto tweet WordPress plug-ins has always been that they don’t seem to work on scheduled posts. But if you want to just publish your posts yourself then this plug-in is highly recommended.

7. AutoTweeter

This is a windows based desktop application that will help you schedule your tweets in the time frame that you feel will benefit your followers. I have personally always been against desktop auto tweeters for some reason but as usual it’s your own choice. This however is also a paid application so think twice before you decide to try it out.