9 Ways To Guarantee Brand Success On Pinterest [Infographic]

With Facebook constantly pushing out new features and Twitter currently about to go public, there is little room for other social networking services in the news. Pinterest is rolling out optimizations and new features frequently as well but we don’t hear much about them that often. It’s when you know what tools are at your disposal that you can really create a viral success. In order to reach brand success on Pinterest it’s vital that you know what the heck you’re doing.

I have been on Pinterest for a while now and in my own humble opinion it’s getting more fun every day that I use it. I think it is the simple user interface that creates a sense of addiction. You want to keep liking, repinning and adding new pins to your boards constantly. But as a brand you have to make sure that you target the people that you think would be interested in what you have to share. You do this by pinning things that has to do with what your brand stands for.

There are of course a few paths you can take in order to reach brand success, but neither path is easy. I have seen so many people start out with Pinterest only to give up after a few days because they feel their pins are not seen. I have to agree, there is a steep entry ledge you need to get over before you start getting quality followers organically. I feel like I need to make this clear, brand success is only achieved on Pinterest by organic followers. Followers that actually want to follow you and not because you follow them.

In an attempt to help you achieve brand success I have dug up an infographic called 9 Ways For Brands To Be Successful On Pinterest and it’s presented and designed by  Digital Information World. It’s not so much an infographic per say but it gives a few good tips and tricks on how you can push forward to succeed.

Even though this infographic has a few typos I dare to say that I agree with every one of the 9 tips that could help you get more influence on Pinterest. However, becoming a super-pinner is not to sit all day long and pin like a madman. It’s about picking the right topics, the right images, space out your pins and actually engage with people when they comment or repin your pins. To achieve brand success on Pinterest consist of the very same endeavors as on any other social networking site, connect and engage. Period.

How To Achieve Brand Success On Pinterest

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9 Ways Brand Success Infographic

Via: [visual.ly]