Celebrity Twitter Overkill | Sequel to Twouble

When “Twouble” first came out on YouTube it was of course an instant hit. With over 2.000.000 views the first cartoon based on Twitter has surely been seen by most people that use Twitter. The first time I had a look at it I laughed just like everyone else. It’s so down to the point and still not. Maybe it’s the twitter fanatic in me that doesn’t want to see the obvious but I enjoyed it non the less.

Now the team behind it has come out with a sequel. Or now may be a little over the edge. Actually released in May it hasn’t had the huge success the first episode had. However, when looking at it I get the same crossover feelings about it. Fun, still overkill. But then again, Twitter is kind of an overkill, really. But we like it cause it’s a great forum for a lot of things. No matter what it is or what “stupid” things we might tweet from time to time it still entangles us and we keep tweeting. Then it must have some value right? It certainly has and the different third party “inventions” just keeps on growing. I personally can’t wait to see what cool online apps people invent for the future use of Twitter. What could be even cooler is if the team behind Twitter itself actually came up with some new apps for their own brainchild. Would certainly be massively interesting and exciting.

How do you feel about the sequel?

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