The Unexpected Consequences Of Tweeting In The Loo [Infographic]

I’ve written about toilet tweeting several times this year, and I can’t believe I never thought about this aspect of it until today. As recently as two weeks ago, I wrote about the Nielsen Study that came out recently which said that a lot of us tweet in the loo. I do it all the time, and I think my time in the bathroom would be boring without my iPhone in there with me.

However, it didn’t occur to me until today that by taking our smartphones into the bathroom with us, we could be getting them covered in disgusting bathroom germs without even realizing it.

This infographic called Tweeting On The John by Emergency Plumber is accompanied on their website with the cheeky caption, “Emergency Plumber warns against social media in the bathroom.” Reading these dirty phone stats might actually be enough to make me change my behavior and not tweet as much from the bathroom. Did you know that one in six smartphones have fecal matter on them? Did you know that bacteria can live on your phone for up to a week? Did you know that 30% of viruses can attach to your fingertips when you just touch the screen of someone else’s phone? Quite honestly, all of this makes me want to gag.

I am definitely going to think about this the next time I decide to go tweeting in the bathroom. Also, about six months ago I wrote about Shitter (the app on the bottom of this infographic). If you want to learn more about how you can get toilet paper with your tweets printed on it, you can click over there to learn more about it. Last but not least, if you are one of the 19% of people who dropped your phone in the toilet last time you were in there, you can read How To Save Your Smartphone If You Drop It In The Toilet. I’m starting to think our bathroom activities shouldn’t be combined with tweeting after all.

Is Tweeting In the Loo Worth A Dirtier Phone? Hmm…

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Header Image Credit: [Brand DNA]