Shitter: The App That Prints Your Tweets On Toilet Paper

Last year, Richard wrote about a toilet paper Twitter printer. It was a nifty little gadget that would print your tweets on toilet paper. Why people would want to wipe their asses with their tweets, I’ll never understand, but apparently some people can’t stand to be away from Twitter even while they’re in the bathroom. Hey, who I am to talk? I’ve tweeted from the toilet and the bathtub too many times to count.

Apparently now we can get a few toilet paper rolls with our tweets printed on them by using a new little app called Shitter. This app is very simple to use. You simply authorize it to access your Twitter account, pay $35, and you’ll be mailed 4 rolls of toilet paper complete with your Twitter feed printed on them. You don’t even have to choose your own Twitter feed. You can wipe your ass with anyone’s tweets.

My question is, will most people who order this do it because they think their own tweets are brilliant and they want to read them while sitting there? Or, will people choose the Twitter feeds of people they don’t like so they can literally flush them down the toilet? I have no idea. On a less disturbing note, these would be so cute to have on hand for a tweet up or to order as a gift for your favorite Twitterholic! Shitter was created by David Gillespie, Matthew Delprado and Johny Mair.




Via: [Geekologie] [Laughing Squid]