Content Marketing: What To Know & Do To Master The Skill [Infographic]

So you have come up with a great idea, setup a website, and now you’re in the process of creating awesome content. How should you market your content? What is the best way, and how do you engage people to read, share and interact with it? When it comes to content marketing, there are plenty of options at your disposal. None of them will yield the results you want if your content is not up to par with what people expect. If you have great content, content marketing is a jungle ready to be navigated.

As soon as you start talking about content marketing with people, you might get into a debate about which social networking services and approaches to take, and what options are the best practices. The way you should look at it is really how you want to position yourself in a content overloaded community, which is what the Internet currently is. If you want to compete with the big boys, you need to have great content and a beautiful presentation, whatever that may be.

It’s not uncommon to see great looking websites share content that is not as good, and with that, they bite the dust before they even have a chance to develop their skills. What you should concentrate on is finding your niche and your output channels. Not only is content quality important when shared and viewed, it’s also good for SEO. It’s becoming vital to have a good standing with your community since Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter social recommendations are becoming more and more important in order to rank higher in search engines.

When you create your content, you should know that the best content marketing strategy you can utilize is the one that I have come to call the Loud Content Marketing Strategy. It’s basically the way you engage your output channel’s individuals in order to get their approval and get them to like, retweet or +1 your content. Google is incorporating +1s more and more into their ranking, and it’s widely known that Bing is increasingly using likes to rank content. Even retweets have a good SEO purpose since they help Google index your content faster. It’s all an ecosystem worth paying attention to.

If you want to master the sometimes complex skills required for content marketing, you should definitely consult this infographic presented by Sekari called SEO Content Marketing: What You Need To Know (And Do). By knowing the impact factors that search engines utilize, you will have a much greater chance of ranking better and thus allowing more people to like, retweet and +1 your content. This will of course lead to your content reaching even more people. But in order to do that, you need good content. Good content is everything when it comes to content marketing. Never forget that.

The Secrets Of A Good Content Marketing Strategy

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