Cyberbullying: Jerks On The Internet [Infographic]

This infographic asks the question, “Are jerks the future of the Internet?” Most of the sites where I’ve seen this posted elaborate with a story about jerk behavior that they’ve experienced in social media. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone a little bit right now because I’ve had a completely different experience in social media.

It’s true that I get the occasional troll comment on one of my 2,180 articles, but it doesn’t happen very often. A year ago when I wrote 10 Reasons Not To Block Someone On Twitter, I got a few nasty tweets, but those were just from people who were playing a game and trying to see if I would block them. I get that.

I have over 62,000 followers on Twitter, and 99.999% of the tweets I have ever gotten have been kind and fun. Maybe I’m just following the best people on Twitter, or maybe I just don’t invite negativity into my life, I don’t know. However, to answer the question on this infographic, no, I don’t think jerks are the future of the Internet. I still wanted to show you this infographic though because the information on here about cyberbullying is really fascinating. It’s a topic that definitely deserves attention, and I want to write more about it in the future. [Infographic created by Online Counseling]

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Mean People In Social Media

Via: [Geekosystem]