Why Email Still Reigns Online Interaction [Infographic]

A common misconception is that email is on its way downhill. Maybe that’s because of the avalanche of new social networking sites being announced all the time, but there is something appealing with email that you can’t get anywhere else. Most popular social networking services have some kind of private messaging service incorporated into them, but that’s usually not enough. The fact is, email will most likely continue to reign online interaction for a long time ahead.

There are plenty of advantages with email that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the fact that you can customize your way to attention, if you know what I mean, for example, using the tactic of interactive emails. Usually private messaging is monotone, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. A good example of this is Twitter’s private messaging service. With email, your online interaction is private, personalized and archived in an optimized way. It’s that simple! Maybe that is the reason why email is going to continue to dominate online interaction into the future as well.

When you start to fiddle around with the numbers, as most marketers do, you quickly realize that for each dollar invested in email marketing, the return is more than twice as much as any other online interaction service. If anything, that should make you hold that email account of yours tightly. Research done by Litmus show that for each dollar invested, you will make an average of 40 dollars back when using email for marketing. This makes it the primary marketing tool for anyone trying to get a message out, well, anyone who wants to be sure they get their money’s worth in return.

Litmus compiled their statistical results into an infographic called The Reign Of Email, and it could possibly change your whole outlook on email. Email should certainly be your primary online interaction for moderately long correspondence. The time sink of a long email can sometimes be too much for a tight schedule, which might be the reason why some people have abandoned email in the past. But there are far more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to using email as an online interaction solution. Have a look at this infographic and once again learn to appreciate the awesomeness of email. Your online interaction through email could possibly become even more “profitable” in the future since there are plenty of new features planned for email. Exciting times!

Why Email Still Reigns Online Interaction

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Via: [visual.ly]