Etsy’s Growth May Surprise You: The Facts & Stats [Infographic]

I love it when the underdog surprises everyone and comes up from behind for a victory. Whether it’s a person we know, a superhero from a movie, or even a website, it’s always inspiring and motivating to see that when it happens. It teaches us a valuable lesson about underestimating the little guys. With all the heavyweight websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, eBay, Google and more that bloggers (including us) write about all the time, it’s easy to forget about some of the less pretentious ones that are sneaking up from behind to take over the world. Etsy is a perfect example of that.

Some guys still roll their eyes about the girly images posted on Pinterest, and those same guys probably giggle at the thought of visiting Etsy. However, after seeing this infographic, you might change your mind. I love Etsy, and I write about stuff I find on there all the time.

Each month, Etsy publishes a Weather Report which details their progress from the prior month. Since today is the last day of June, the June Weather Report has not been published yet; however, if you check out the Etsy Statistics: May 2012 Weather Report, I think your jaw will drop when you see the rate at which that site is growing. Below is a screenshot of the May stats. You can view a history of those Weather Reports here.

Maybe people I’m sure would argue that Etsy and Pinterest are symbiotic, and they complement each other well. In other words, Pinterest’s growth helps Etsy’s growth, and I can understand that argument. It absolutely blows my mind that Etsy had 1.29 BILLION pageviews in the month of May. According to Alexa, Etsy is the 56th most popular website in the United States, and the 170th most popular website in the world. With an average of 650,000 new members joining the site each month, Etsy is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. The new infographic below called Etsy MBA created by illustrates it all. Enjoy!

Etsy May 2012 Stats



Via: [MBA Online] Header Image Credit: [Stelladanza’s Confections]