FaceBook Brings People Closer!

Social media is really here to stay, no matter what people say or argue. I just recently attended a talk on how social networks are gaining ground and that more and more people are getting into it. The stats were overwhelming. Just here in the Philippines, 93% of the people are into social networking. We update the sites that we have joined practically everyday, and if calculated on the average, we rest only on Sundays. The top 10 sites include Twitter, Multiply and YouTube, and the number one site is still FaceBook.

There are so many arguments that I have read regarding private policy issues. I think it is a big concern, but I have also noticed that it is being addressed and that it is really up to the user as to how they use the social networking platform. Before, I saw people saying that they would rather just use Twitter and not FaceBook, but recently I have noticed that majority of the people I follow, also now connect with me over at FaceBook.

There are so many ways that one can use FaceBook, and the best way I think is to engage and get closer to people virtually. Just like on Twitter, the avatars represented there are real people. The site is also a great way to reconnect with your friends and family that live so far away from you.

I always get a giggle when we joke around or share stuff (my cousins) on the social networking platform. We all try to connect via email or phone calls, but since we are always ON the site, its fun to also converse there and have a good laugh. From experience, I believe FaceBook has allowed me to become closer to people I meet online. Besides playing games or sharing links, it is always good to say hello to your friends via PM or writing on their wall. Who knows, that person might need a little cheering up. Let us put the social back into social networking.

Main Image Source – FaceBook Status QrCode