Is Facebook Turning Us Into Cyberstalker Drones? [Infographic]

We are all very aware that social media addiction, cyberstalking, procrastination, time sinks, and blowing off offline friends in favor of social media have been some of the less attractive side effects of Facebook, Twitter and tons of other social networking sites. I wonder if in 20 years from now, we will look back and say that social media was the beginning of the end of meaningful offline relationships. Nah, social media represents a lot of positive things in our lives too, we just have to keep ourselves in check. With that being said, are you a cyberstalker?

If we went back in time to the 80s and even the 90s, and if we had a conversation about what it means to be a cyberstalker, people would think we were nuts. Who would ever think we would evolve to the point of doing this? Of course, there are two types of cyberstalkers. First, there are those who playfully refer to that word as a way to describe their friends and people who they keep in touch with on their social networking sites. The other type of cyberstalker is not so good though. It can describe a very destructive behavior which can results in some not so pleasant feelings. This can even evolve into cyberbullying.

Let’s just look at cyberstalkers from the relationship perspective in this article. According to this infographic called Step Away From Facebook: You’re A Cyberstalker! by Online College Courses, a whopping 88% of us snoop on our ex’s Facebook and 74% of us creep around the profile of our ex’s new flame (and the sources for this data are legit, look at the bottom and check out those links). Wtf are we doing? Do we not have better things to do with our time? It even says that 70% of us use a mutual friend’s profile to spy on exes. I’ve thought for a long time that Facebook is evil, and it seems it’s truly turning us into a bunch of cyberstalker drones. Ewww!

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Via: [Social Media Today] Header Image Credit: [Cyberstalking]