Facebook Or Twitter: 2010 Study Breaks It Down [Infographic]

It’s been the holy grail of questions for marketers and business owners for quite some time now.  Since running a company limits time for social networking interaction, it’s important to know what service to use before you completely immerse yourself in the world of social media.  Facebook and Twitter are quite different from each other, and knowing what they can offer has been somewhat of a trial and error process.  It helps to do some research to see what each platform lacks, and what each can offer.  Once you get into one of these services, it can be hard to embrace the other, especially if your time is limited.  So there is some advice to be handed out if you are to succeed in the ongoing championship of social networking.

That’s where Digital Surgeons comes in.  They have compiled data and demographics from the social media scene and designed a pretty awesome infographic that will enable you to make a firm decision on what platform to use most.  You should always remember though that if time permits, you can of course engage in several different social networking services.  However, also remember that it’s quite time consuming, and if you’re running a business, you should probably make sure everything is taken care of on the business side first.

For us here at Bit Rebels, for example, we have 40% of our visitors coming from the US.  So, if we want to expand those numbers, we would do well to interact on Facebook for a while.  Our experience; however, has taught us that engaging on several platforms will increase the overall traffic.  But, just because we’re present on Facebook as well, we’re continuously increasing our percentage of US visitors.  So, take this with you, and have a look at this inspiring infographic.  Make your decision once you have included this data.  It always pays off gathering information from several sources.

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