Facebook Stereotypes: A Music Video Tribute

Jumping from Twitter to Facebook, and back and forth, can be quite a new experience if you haven’t done it before. The status updates are a bit different, and on Facebook there are a few more extreme stereotypes than Twitter has been able to dig up yet. I always find myself sharing just a little too much on Facebook, which makes people a bit confused. Of course I don’t mean personal stuff, but the fact that my Facebook updates are so long that the service actually tells me that being so long can make them confusing, even for me. I always find myself editing, shortening and refining my status updates on Facebook, while on the other hand, I know exactly what to write on Twitter.

As you can probably understand, it’s a bit of a pain for a Twitter addict to suddenly start using Facebook to the extent where you actually feel satisfied with that service. However, I have committed myself to mastering the Facebook way of doing things, and I won’t stop until I get there, so if you  have any pointers, feel free to give them to me on Facebook or here in a comment.

Wannabe singer Marc Ritzema decided that it was time to bring the hilarious Facebook stereotypes to the surface and exploit them in any way possible. Exposing them to the light of people’s egos is one way to manage the annoyance of their constant over-sharing. This music video, called “Curiously Strong Award,” pinches some of my nerves and makes me quinch a bit when listening to it. However, I find it quite amusing in some parts, and it definitely ranks as a geek music video in my book.

The quality and setup of the video is actually better than the music itself, but the overall message is more than being delivered in an epic humoristic way. So to all of you Facebookers out there who find yourself struck by lightning when watching this, sort of like a spotlight is pointed directly at you, you should know that other people take notice as well. Now all I am wondering is if I am sharing too much Bit Rebels stuff on my private Facebook, or if my friends are all ok with it. I think a small poll would do the trick. I will just have to research that deeper to find out whether or not I am eliminating anyone from being my friend. Hmm… the hard choices of life, right?

Facebook Stereotypes Music Video Spoof

Facebook Stereotypes Music Video Spoof