Firebox Twitter Art: Let Your Tweets Make A Portrait

If you have been on Twitter for a little while, I am sure you have built up quite an archive of tweets. They may vary from random thoughts to pictures from interesting adventures you have been on. Whatever it is that is mesmerizing your followers, I am sure you have no idea what to do with your tweets once they are out of the public’s eye. Are they just going to sit there in your timeline with little or no attention given to them at all? If you look at it from a status update point of view, I am sure they will, but there are other ways to put your old tweets to good use. Namely, you can create some stunning art with them.

There is a new service that launched not too long ago which will take your tweets and make artwork out of them. It might sound a little weird, and I have to admit that it is anything but ordinary. This new service called Firebox will let you create a picture out of your tweets and your profile picture. So if you have at least 230 tweets, £24.99 and a profile picture on your Twitter account, this service will automatically process it all into a really unique picture which I am sure you can use as your new profile picture.

It’s one of those things that you will just have to try in order to see if it suits you. This way, your profile picture will be one-of-a-kind and unique. There are all kinds of examples for you to see ranging from Lady Gaga to Ashton Kutcher, so you will have a good idea about how this looks when the process is all finished. If I may say so myself, I think it’s pretty darn creative. However, I am indecisive when it comes to whether or not anyone would be able to tell that it is a unique kind of Twitter profile picture once it has made into a small picture gracing your profile. Then again, you are able to click the profile picture and get a larger sized image, so maybe this will work out just fine in the end anyway. It is a really creative way to make your account just a little less ordinary, and it will give your profile picture a personal touch.

Twitter Tweet Profile Picture Portrait

Twitter Tweet Profile Picture Portrait