Gift Ideas for Your TwitterHolic Friends

I remember receiving my first Twitter inspired gift, and that was when my sister got me a Tweet Me Pajamas.  I was so thrilled to use it, being a Twitterholic it was fun living the Twitter life for real too.

Now Christmas is fast approaching and if you are still on the look out for cool gifts for your Twitterholic friends and family members, here are some ideas that might help you find that perfect gift.

For the foodista, a cool Twitter cake will be good.  Here is a good example of a mouth watering and fun cake from Sugar Me Bakery.  To make it festive in time for the Holidays, you can either place it in a cool gift box or tie the box with a decorative Christmas bow.

I am sure your sweet toothed Twitter crazed friend will definitely love it.


The Twitter Mug The classic white mug is perfect for any photos or designs. A blank canvas for your creativity. A large handle makes it easy to hold. 11 oz. or 15 oz. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Imported. US$16.75 from

What you can also do is Create a personalized design.

Coffee and tea drinkers agree on one thing – Zazzle custom mugs are the best way to enjoy your beverage of choice. Decorate your mug with photos of your special loved ones, logos of organizations and teams you support or a funny message poking fun at your coffee addiction.

Perfect for the Twitter Coffee Lover.  The design comes in 34 styles, color and sizes and as I said earlier, choose a design and they will make it for you.

So pick one now.

Plus it can be shipped within 24 hours from ordering.


Calling all twitterers! Failwhale got you down? Don’t worry, now you have this comfy cozy Twitter Pillow to squeeze till you can tweet again. Better yet, count your followers and catch a few Z’s, and when you wake up, tweet and re-tweet about how this pillow totally rocks. – Craftsquatch from Etsy.

This Twitter bird from Craftsquatch’s shop sells for US$ 19.99, companion to the Twitter pillow, is another perfect pillow to squeeze while you tweet. Made with the softest fleece and the fluffiest polyester filling, this 100%

Handcrafted 12″x12″ pillow, is firm yet springy.   Now your friends can sit on the pillow while they tweet or sleep with it and dream Tweet dreams.

There are other cool designs available on their site.  Check them out and see which design would fit your friend or family member.

TWITTERBAGTwit Twit Bag by incurablehippie

Great for carrying groceries, books or just about anything else, this 100% cotton jumbo tote has a squared off bottom and extra long natural web handles. Dimensions: 20″w x14.5″h x4.5″d.  Sells at Zazzle for US$20.95.

The great part of it all is that you can use the bag when you do your grocery shopping,  you also help in saving the environment by not using plastic bags.

twitter-t-shirt_1 Here is another idea, Twitter T Shirts from Geeky Gadgets. They are available on Threadless. for US$18 each. There are other cool styles. Giving someone this geek, will certainly make that Twitter- holic very happy.