Google Wave in Plain English

No one could have missed the pre-invitations to Google’s new and highly anticipated email killer. Or at least that’s how it’s portrayed. I was happily invited by one of my followers (who I still owe a lot for being nice enough to hit me up with an invitation that brought an account to me within just a few days) and as I received my account and was able to register I couldn’t wait to check out what the fuzz was all about.

After registering I fanatically tried each and every link, button, feature it had to offer (SO FAR). It’s potential is really endless. At first it can be a little much. Especially if you are not that good with the keyboard (as Diana Adams pointed out in her premium review of the Google Wave service).

BUT, and this is quite a big but (and I know how this sounds put into a sentence). There are still people out there struggling with the service just to understand what it’s all about and why it is potentially going to bring down email once and for all. After all, it’s been around for 40 years now, and by the lord himself, shouldn’t we have come up with something new and improved by now? :)

So, I dug up a couple of fast explanations on how Google Wave really works. After watching these you should really have no way of NOT knowing what it’s all about. After all…it’s “Google Wave in Plain English”. Enjoy!

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Google Wave in Plain English

Google Wave Made Simple