Google Wave | The Ultimate Guide

It’s quite clear that everything that has to do with Google wave is in everyone’s interest right now. It doesn’t matter if Google Wave really just adds a way to add plug-ins or if they get third party software using their API, just like any other new thing today, it still comes across as the newest and greatest piece of “start up” in a long time. But do we really know what it’s all about? It seems every day there is another “simplified” way to describe Google Wave.

What I mean is, I think we’re soon going to run out of ways to explain exactly what Google Wave is all about. In an attempt to really understand Google Wave I think there is no better way than to listen to the founders themselves and what they are saying about it. Too many people are trying too hard to describe Google Wave in too few steps.

So how close can we get to the real “use” of Google Wave? Will it be the next email and ultimately will it be the Twitter killer everyone is talking about. If you ask me I’d say no. But this is really up to where things are taken. Not by the founders themselves but what use we will start implementing Google Wave into. That’s where the real answer lies. So, until we know that, and that is really hard to tell considering it is in the future, we couldn’t really say exactly what impact Google Wave will have in our daily life. One thing is for sure though. They are certainly off to a great start.

I decided to pull together all the clips that you probably DIDN’T see just yet. The ones where the founders talk about their own product and where they see Google Wave heading. Also wanted to include some really useful explanations about what Google Wave does and what the back end of it does. Sort of making this post the “Ultimate” Google Wave guide. Just for you. So, take a moment and just look through these clips and I am sure you’ll soon know exactly what it is all about. Enjoy!