How Google’s SEO Algorithm Is Changing The Web [Infographic]

We’ve been quite fascinated with SEO over here at Bit Rebels since we launched the site. It should be pretty simple to understand why, and it’s of course because we have a chance to increase our visibility without having to spend hours and hours actually convincing people they should like us. We can only make ourselves visible to people and then let them experience our site and articles themselves. Our greatest hope is that you all will like our content, share it with others and then return for more.

SEO is a tricky business, and there are plenty of scammers out there who pass themselves off as SEO experts and gurus. Even though there are several really good companies and people who really know what they are doing, there is still a looming great percentage of people who only know the basics, and they charge you for getting a few more levels of rank using methods that could get you expelled from being indexed on search engines. You should always be cautious about who you use for your company’s SEO management. Make sure you do the proper research before you engage into an elaborate deal with any SEO expert. That way, you will always know what other people have said and what their experiences are using their service. Also, it will save you time, money and the result can be expected instantly.

Google‘s algorithm for ranking sites is an ever evolving story, and each day they make it more complex and elaborate. It can be hard to know sometimes which factors put sites at the top of a search query result. As a matter of fact, the algorithm they use to rank websites has become so influential that it’s actually changing the way the web looks and feels. Because they are the web’s number one most visited website, they are pulling some major threads every time they change something.

SEOBook and ByJess decided to take a closer look at what the algorithm really does, and how it has evolved through the years since Google first opened up their search engine to the masses. It’s an infographic that would do any SEO “expert” or website owner good to read. There are plenty of interesting pointers, tricks and cautions to make sure you can navigate through the jungle of factors, requirements and values. Mastering SEO isn’t a skill, it’s knowledge that will always keep coming. Stay alert, and read Google’s blog about how they change, fix and redesign their way of ranking websites. You will be way ahead of everyone who doesn’t.

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Google SEO Algorithm Explained Infographic