How Josh Wilson Became an Internet Sensation in 3 Days

Would you ever think that an annoying airport delay would make you famous? That is exactly what has happened to Josh Wilson just three days ago. I first learned about this story through a tweet from @ShellyKramer, and I was instantly touched by the message.

We’ve often heard happy and successful people say, “It’s not the problems in life that define us, it’s the way we react to them.” Josh’s reaction to a problem has turned him into an internet sensation. Every major blog is writing about him and his video is quickly going viral.

Here’s the scene – Sunday night, at the Newark airport, a security risk shut down part of the airport for over six hours. All of the people waiting in Terminal C had to continue doing just that, waiting. Impatience and frustration started to fill the air as families trying to get home from the holidays were simply stranded.

Josh Wilson, an average guy with an average voice decided to take matters into his own hands and along with his guitar, he led the group in a massive sing along. Before you knew it, the entire terminal was smiling and singing “Hey Jude” as he brightened everyone’s spirits. This story touches my heart.

Here is his video from the event which has only been on YouTube for two days and already has over 160,000 views. Way to go Josh!